If you’re looking for the best way to move your hot tub without spending tons of money, Great Guys Moving can help. We help you find experienced hot tub movers near you to assist with the safe transport of your jacuzzi to its new location. Whether you’re moving to a new home and want to take your current spa with you, or you just purchased a new hot tub on Craigslist that you’re eager to try out, our professional movers will work diligently to relocate your spa, so you can turn on the jets and relax sooner.

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Hot Tub Moving Companies

Hot tub movers specialize in relocating heavy, above-ground jacuzzis. This type of move often requires special equipment and machinery to safely move large bulky hot tubs. Don’t underestimate the challenges of moving a half-ton hot tub. These are one of the most challenging items to move because of their bulk, weight, and technical components. Relocating these requires expertise to disconnect the tub properly, several men to lift and steady the spa, plus specialized hot tub moving equipment and dollies to carry the jacuzzi to the moving truck or trailer. Additionally, the transport vehicle must be able to handle the hot tub’s weight and must have the proper tie-downs to secure it during transit. If moving a hot tub sounds like hard work, it is. Fortunately, with Great Guys Moving, you can find knowledgeable, well-equipped, and budget-friendly hot tub movers who make the job look easy.

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Hot Tub?

The average hot tub move costs between $300-400. The final cost will depend on several factors, including the size of the spa and the distance of the move. With Great Guys, you can request free quotes from local hot tub movers in your area to get a better estimate.

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Hot Tub Moving Services

The movers we work with are licensed and insured professionals that offer a variety of hot tub moving services.

Hot Tub Moving

Whether you’re relocating your spa from your side yard to your newly-built deck, or moving your hot tub across town, our hot tub movers have the equipment and crews to get your spa moved safely and quickly.

Tub Placement

It takes experience to place a tub without causing damage to it or the surrounding area. We come equipped with a dolly and everything else you need to move your hot tub from the truck to the location you desire. We’ll even uncrate it and haul away the trash.

Spa Removals & Disposal

If you moved into a new house with an unwanted spa or don’t want to pay to maintain your spa, then get the help of a qualified moving company to help you remove and dispose of your hot tub.

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Start your search with Great Guys, and we’ll aid you in finding the best spa and hot tub movers near you. When you move with us, you can expect:

  • Pre-vetted licensed and insured moving companies
  • Movers equipped with tools for handling hot tubs, including a spa dolly, trailer, and straps
  • Local or long distance transport
  • Cheap, transparent rates
  • Trained, experienced crews with expertise in hot tub/spa moves

Relocating a hot tub might seem like a huge undertaking, but Great Guys Moving (greatguysmoving.com) simplifies the process. When you hire professionals to hoist and transport your hot tub, you save yourself from injury and your spa from damage. To request a free moving quote from a qualified hot tub mover in your area, please fill out the form provided! We look forward to serving your moving needs with friendly, courteous service.

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