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7.5Fabulous based on 750+ data points.

Real RocknRoll Movers has been voted the BEST moving company in Los Angeles by both LA Weekly and CBS. This Glendale mover has been moving residents of LA and the Golden State since 2010 and sports an impressive 5-star rating. Real RocknRoll California Movers claims it has a winning formula to guarantee a stress-free, safe, and fun relocation experience. These California movers can pack and transfer small or large homes and offices, and they will not charge you truck fees, stair fees, or long carry fees – ever. If you need help with a local or long-distance relocation, Real RocknRoll movers can plan the details and take over the heavy lifting for a smooth move.


7.2Fabulous based on 250+ data points.

Fastruck Moving Company was established in 2009 by three brothers – Al, Tim, and Ross, all of whom are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about moving. Started with just two shabby moving vans, it has grown to become a successful, recognized, and trusted moving company. These Glendale movers are local, fully licensed, and insured. Fastruck Moving Company strives to be budget-friendly for any home, office, or commercial move. It performs long-distance moves within the state of California as well as Oregon, with guaranteed 48-hour delivery if needed. Do you need furniture disassembly, sub-zero or safe movers, or organ movers? Fastruck Moving Company can tackle any moving task, and promises outstanding results.


7.0Fabulous based on 100+ data points.

The Rockstar Pro Movers team is specialized in local moving within Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, including Glendale. Rockstar has been operating since 2014 and has received countless positive reviews. Rockstar Pro Movers is a top-rated Glendale moving company and can help you feel like a Rockstar during your upcoming move. Rockstar’s movers provide different storage and moving services, including apartment moving, college moving, commercial moving, long-distance relocation, labor-only services, and senior moving. You can trust Rockstar for timely and affordable care. It prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else, and its online customer reviews are the proof.


5.9Good based on 50+ data points.


  1. REAL RocknRoll Movers is the #1 hourly moving company in Glendale, CA with a rating of 7.5 based on 750+ data points.
  2. Fastruck Moving Company is the #2 hourly moving company in Glendale, CA with a rating of 7.2 based on 250+ data points.
  3. Rockstar Pro Movers - Glendale is the #3 hourly moving company in Glendale, CA with a rating of 7.0 based on 100+ data points.
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