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7.1Fabulous based on 350+ data points.

When it comes to relocations, Movers Long Beach saves you time and money. With more than a decade of experience, it provides local and statewide moves seven days a week, serving people and businesses in the International City and nearby neighborhoods. Known for its meticulous, reliable, and quick service, the locally-owned and operated company boasts high-tech moving equipment, well-maintained trucks, and a properly trained crew of movers. No matter what you need—from full-service moves to labor-only services— Movers Long Beach keeps the stress away and handles all the heavy lifting, delivering customer satisfaction in every job.


7.0Fabulous based on 350+ data points.

With almost a decade of experience, a team of skilled and trustworthy movers, and a proven track record for reliable and timely services, the Long Beach-based Hollywood’s Best Movers is one of the highly-rated moving companies in Los Angeles. It helps home and commercial owners relocate locally, within the state, or across the country without a hitch. No task is impossible for this family-owned and operated company that takes pride in its innovative and strategic approaches in handling all types of moves. From packing, loading, and transporting to arranging items, and furniture within a property, Hollywood’s Movers has your back.


6.9Fabulous based on 300+ data points.

With a team of friendly and professional movers, Long Beach Pacific Moving specializes in residential moves within the city and across California. Founded by a father and two sons in 2010, this family-owned and operated business was born out of a strong passion for delivering excellent customer service. Long Beach Pacific Moving sets itself apart from the competition by providing efficient full-moving services at affordable rates. Its hourly fees include all packing materials and boxes to keep your valuables safe and secure. It also guarantees no hidden fees so you can move with confidence without breaking the bank.


6.7Fabulous based on 250+ data points.

Long Beach Moving Service is a full-service moving company known for its efficient and speedy relocation services. With more than 20 years in business, it serves the local community within the International City and its surrounding neighborhoods, taking them anywhere across the country. Whether you’re a first-time or a seasoned mover, the locally-owned and operated company has hardworking and dedicated staff who will walk you through the entire moving process. Offering labor-only services, specialty, and emergency moves, it starts every move with a well-designed and personalized plan and ends with a new and well-organized home or office.


  1. Movers Long Beach is the #1 hourly moving company in Long Beach, CA with a rating of 7.1 based on 350+ data points.
  2. Long Beach Movers is the #2 hourly moving company in Long Beach, CA with a rating of 7.0 based on 350+ data points.
  3. Long Beach Pacific Moving is the #3 hourly moving company in Long Beach, CA with a rating of 6.9 based on 300+ data points.
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