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Moving locally is bad enough, but moving coast-to-coast adds an entirely new level to the meaning of stress and frustration. Luckily, CA – NY Express is a moving company that specializes in getting you from one end of the US to the other in good time and without all of the stress that goes with moving long distances. Since 1995, it has moved families from New York to Los Angeles or San Francisco (and vice versa) without subcontractors, meaning you’ll only be dealing with one company from start to finish. CA – NY Express takes pride in its coast-to-coast routes; it even offers a money-back guarantee if your belongings don’t get across the country within the estimated time frame.


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Moving is a difficult task, even if you’re just moving from a studio apartment. Unfortunately, some moving companies have a minimum service threshold that may be too much for your budget. Luckily, The Small Delivery Co. has got your back. It’s a local family-owned and operated moving company that specializes in small load moves. Whether it’s a single bedroom, studio apartment, or even just one piece of furniture, The Small Delivery Co. will take care of it for you. It’s been in business for over ten years, giving it the experience and expertise necessary to navigate in and around Los Angeles. So whether you’re moving or just need something delivered, you can be sure it’ll be on time with the help of The Small Delivery Co.


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You’ve come to the right place for a stress-free moving experience with FlatRate Moving, a local moving company in Los Angeles, California that promises to help you experience a perfect move. Its revolutionary all-inclusive moving service not only covers the basics like packing and loading, but also includes property protection such as the floor, corner, and hallway padding. Prices also include labor and travel expenses. Everything from clothes to mattresses, lamps to sculptures, appliances to electronics and computers, FlatRate Moving can get the job done in making sure all your valuables are securely packed and wrapped for safe transport to your new home.


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Sterling Van Lines has been around since 1991 and has specialized in small moves ever since it first opened for business. It has moved small homes from state to state within the continental United States for decades with a reputation that precedes it. Sterling Van Lines covers the full range of moving services from packing and crating your valuables, to loading and transport. Of course, it is also fully licensed and insured to move your belongings to or from any of the 48 states. For over 30 years, Sterling Van Lines has been the go-to mover for small moves within Los Angeles and Southern California with overwhelmingly positive reviews from satisfied customers that have relied on Sterling Van Lines to get them across town and the country.


  1. CA - NY Express is the #1 local moving company in Lynwood, CA with a superb rating based on 700+ data points.
  2. The Small Delivery Co. is the #2 local moving company in Lynwood, CA with a fabulous rating based on 350+ data points.
  3. FlatRate Moving Los Angeles is the #3 local moving company in Lynwood, CA with a fabulous rating based on 700+ data points.
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