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Very Good based on 50+ data points.

Since it started in 1991, JC Moving has been committed to helping families move from one home to another smoothly and stress-free. Located in Glendora, California it is a professional moving company that serves the San Gabriel and San Fernando Valley with trained professional movers that can handle all your moving needs from packing china, wrapping furniture, and loading everything securely, to transporting your valuables to your new location whether down the street or across town. JC Moving has many positive reviews from satisfied customers that are very pleased with the customer service they received and the efficiency of the movers. Some customers have even shared how JC Moving Helpers helped out in a last-minute pinch.


Good based on 150+ data points.

Located in Victorville, California American Pacific is a veteran-owned and operated moving company that has experience in both local and long-distance relocations for families and businesses in the community and surrounding areas. It offers full-service moves and has everything needed to tackle all kinds of moves with intermodal shipping previously reserved for government relocation but is now offered to the general public. American Pacific also offers special white-glove services for customers who need to move precious cargo such as pianos, fine art collections, motorcycles, or even heavy equipment. American Pacific has drivers and movers with years of experience in handling all sorts of relocations.


  1. JC Moving Helpers is the #1 long distance moving company in Victorville, CA with a very good rating based on 50+ data points.
  2. American Pacific Transportation is the #2 long distance moving company in Victorville, CA with a good rating based on 150+ data points.
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