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Exceptional! based on 1800+ data points.

Since 1968, fully-insured Cowboy Moving and Storage has helped people move within the greater Denver area and across Colorado. Locally owned, the Englewood-based moving company specializes in residential, commercial, and specialty moves for your big, heavy, and delicate items. It offers start-to-finish moving services, including secured, short- or long-term, and climate-controlled storage solutions. Highly-rated by its customers for its reliable and personalized service, Cowboy Moving and Storage takes pride in its professional and capable team members. They are expertly-trained to safely navigate stairs and other complicated design challenges in your home or office for a timely and hassle-free move.


Fabulous! based on 300+ data points.

Family owned and operated, Checkmate Moving & Storage has two locations in Denver for help moving in the Denver area and beyond. With nine years in the moving business, the company has dozens of 5-star reviews that focus on its stellar customer service. Services include residential, commercial, and industrial moving assistance along with packing services. Checkmate Moving & Storage understands that the moving process is incredibly stressful. You can rest assured knowing that employees are all professional and passionate about helping you move. With timeliness and efficiency in mind, the company can help you through every stage of your relocation.


Fabulous! based on 350+ data points.

All the Right Moves was established in 1998, and proudly serves the citizens of Greater Denver and its surrounding areas. This Colorado moving company provides 24/7 emergency service, so you can call them anytime. All the Right Moves offers apartment, home, and commercial moving services. These CO movers know that relocating a home or business is complicated, and they will help you keep track of the details while also picking up the heavy lifting. This seasoned moving team can also transport equipment, pianos, and organs. When it comes to narrow hallways and tricky staircases, these experts are fearless! Many customers have successfully moved from Aurora all over the country with All the Right Moves.


Very Good based on 50+ data points.

Two Guys, No Truck is exactly as its name suggests. It is a company that specializes in labor-only services to help you get packed and loaded onto a truck, trailer, portable storage container, or whatever you need extra hands for. Of course, Two Guys, No Truck can also help if you need assistance in getting unloaded and unpacked instead. This moving service can help you save time and money by letting professionals take care of all the heavy-lifting while you take care of more important matters such as settling into your new home. Two Guys, No Truck allows you to enjoy professional service without the additional expenses of a traditional full-service mover.


  1. Cowboy Moving & Storage Inc is the #1 piano moving company in Centennial, CO with an exceptional rating based on 1800+ data points.
  2. Checkmate Moving and Storage is the #2 piano moving company in Centennial, CO with a fabulous rating based on 300+ data points.
  3. All The Right Moves is the #3 piano moving company in Centennial, CO with a fabulous rating based on 350+ data points.
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