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5.7Fabulous based on 150+ data points.


5.6Fabulous based on 200+ data points.


5.1Fabulous based on 550+ data points.


4.8Very Good based on 200+ data points.


4.5Very Good based on 50+ data points.


4.4Very Good based on 50+ data points.


4.3Good based on 50+ data points.


4.2Good based on 50+ data points.




3.8Below Average


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  1. Campus-Concepts: Moving & Storage is the #1 moving company in Ann Arbor, MI with a rating of 5.7 based on 150+ data points.
  2. Handle With Care Moving & Delivery is the #2 moving company in Ann Arbor, MI with a rating of 5.6 based on 200+ data points.
  3. Two Men and a Truck is the #3 moving company in Ann Arbor, MI with a rating of 5.1 based on 550+ data points.
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Quality Moving Services from Ann Arbor Movers

Our services can help you find the best rates from top relocation specialists to make your move to Ann Arbor, Michigan, as smooth as possible. We've vetted a range of movers to ensure you'll only work with the most professional licensed and insured companies.

Interstate Moves

Making a long-distance move to Ann Arbor from another state can be a logistical challenge. When you hire an interstate moving company, they'll take care of logistics and move you with professionalism. 

Intrastate & Local Moves

Maybe you're relocating to a new neighborhood in Ann Arbor or moving from a nearby town. With our service, you can find in-state Michigan movers who know the state and know how to move you with minimum hassles.

Small Load Moves

If you currently live in a studio, dorm room, or one-bedroom apartment, you may be wondering whether it's worth investing in a moving service to transport your limited possessions. We're happy to connect you with the best small shipment companies so you can see how cheap a small load move can be.

Furniture Shipments

Whether you have a whole house full of furniture or are just moving one dresser or table, furniture moving pros can make it easier to move these awkward, bulky items. We'll help you find vetted, licensed, and insured furniture relocation specialists to pick up your furniture, transport it, and set it up in your new home in Ann Arbor, MI.

Piano Transport

We get it: your piano or organ is a prized possession, and you can't trust just anyone to transport it. Our service removes the guesswork from figuring out which moving companies you can trust to store or move your piano.

Art & Antiques

If you collect fine art or antique items, the idea of moving them can be nerve-wracking. Luckily, we've vetted the best specialized moving companies with the expertise to pack, store, or transport your valuables with the care that standard movers aren't qualified to provide.


Sometimes it's not possible to relocate all your belongings at one time. In these cases, storage-in-transit is a great option. Whether you have just a few items to store or a whole household's worth, we can recommend the top moving company for your temporary storage and moving needs.

Car Shipping

If you need to have your car shipped to your new home, we can help. Our service will connect you to automobile transportation experts who are pros at relocating all kinds of vehicles to Ann Arbor, MI.

Packing Services

Save time and ensure peace of mind by hiring a packing service to help with some or all of your packing needs. We match you with professional cheap full-service relocation companies to make sure all your belongings arrive in pristine condition. 

Residential Moves

Moving your household to Ann Arbor? No matter what size household move you have in mind, we refer you to the best residential moving services that will transport your belongings safely and expertly.

Commercial Moves

With its thriving technology and medical industries, it's no surprise that many businesses, both large and small, choose to move to Ann Arbor. We've found the best commercial moving companies that can expertly move your whole office to its new location.

Same Day/Emergency/Short Notice

If you find yourself needing to make an emergency move, contact us right away, and we can recommend last-minute moving companies to help you with your emergency or same-day Ann Arbor relocation.

Moving Supplies

You have enough on your mind as you figure out the logistics for your move. To save you time, we can connect you with a relocation specialist to provide sturdy boxes, packing materials, durable tape, and other moving supplies you may need.