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Started over a decade ago, locally-owned Melrose Moving puts its customer first. Whether you’re moving homes or businesses and moving last minute or months in advance, you have the peace of mind knowing your items are safe and that you’re getting your money’s worth. Based in North Hollywood, Melrose Moving specializes in local Los Angeles moves and also services California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah areas. Listening to customers’ concerns, it treats every job seriously and creates customized plans that fit each client’s needs. Whether you need service in two hours or two weeks, Melrose Moving is here to help you.


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Looking to move an entire house, just a few pieces, or even just need an extra pair of hands to help with loading a rental truck? Gentlemen’s Moving Company has your back. With over ten years of experience in moving families and business, Gentlemen’s Moving Company has made a name for itself across California, Nevada, and as far as Washington State. It believes in using a systematic approach to provide you with a high level of organization and customer service during every step of the moving process. So if you need complete packing services, moving labor, or even junk removal, its professional crews can handle all of your needs to make your moving day easy and stress-free.


Fabulous! based on 700+ data points.

Suppose you want an excellent rocking time on your moving day. In that case, REAL RocknRoll Movers can deliver full-service solutions that make your relocation experience fun and memorable instead of stressful and depressing. REAL RocknRoll Movers offers moving plans tailored to your every need through booking coordinators dedicated to ensuring you get the best customer service. Moving locally within Los Angeles or even long-distance within California is a lot easier with REAL RocknRoll Movers’ professional services covering everything from packing to transport. It offers all its services with simple, upfront pricing, so you never have to worry about hidden fees and surprise charges.


Fabulous! based on 250+ data points.

Fastruck Moving Company was established in 2009 by three brothers – Al, Tim, and Ross, all of whom are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about moving. Started with just two shabby moving vans, it has grown to become a successful, recognized, and trusted moving company. These Glendale movers are local, fully licensed, and insured. Fastruck Moving Company strives to be budget-friendly for any home, office, or commercial move. It performs long-distance moves within the state of California as well as Oregon, with guaranteed 48-hour delivery if needed. Do you need furniture disassembly, sub-zero or safe movers, or organ movers? Fastruck Moving Company can tackle any moving task, and promises outstanding results.


  1. Melrose Moving Company is the #1 hourly moving company in Burbank, CA with a superb rating based on 700+ data points.
  2. Gentlemen's Moving Company is the #2 hourly moving company in Burbank, CA with a superb rating based on 450+ data points.
  3. REAL RocknRoll Movers is the #3 hourly moving company in Burbank, CA with a fabulous rating based on 700+ data points.
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Best Hourly Movers in Burbank, CA