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7.2Fabulous based on 300+ data points.


7.1Fabulous based on 400+ data points.


6.9Fabulous based on 150+ data points.


  • Cheap
  • Appliance
  • Piano
  • Storage
  • Furniture
  • Packing
  • Local
6.9Fabulous based on 150+ data points.


6.9Fabulous based on 100+ data points.


6.6Fabulous based on 100+ data points.
6.4Very Good


6.4Very Good


6.3Very Good


  • Piano
  • Storage
  • Furniture
  • Packing
  • Local
6.0Good based on 100+ data points.


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  1. Trend Moving is the #1 moving company in Manchester, NH with a rating of 7.2 based on 300+ data points.
  2. College Bound Movers is the #2 moving company in Manchester, NH with a rating of 7.1 based on 400+ data points.
  3. Ray the Mover is the #3 moving company in Manchester, NH with a rating of 6.9 based on 150+ data points.
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Quality Moving Services from Manchester Movers

There’s so much to do when you begin to plan a move; you may not know where to begin. Great Guy Movers works with the most reputable moving companies in the business to make sure your belongings are in the best of hands. Below are some helpful services we can coordinate for you, letting you focus on getting to know your way around Manchester. Let us worry about the details. 

Interstate Moves

Are you moving from out of state? Long-distance moving has unique challenges that only the most knowledgeable movers can pull off without a hitch. You may have to deal with long-haul trucking, storage, and coordinating delivery. We can connect you to the best long-distance movers in Manchester. They’ll get you to your new home in no time. 

Intrastate & Local Moves

New Hampshire is a pretty small state, so moving locally may seem like a piece of cake. Murphy’s Law is law for a reason, though. Let us take care of the headaches. We'll find you a local moving team that can same day pick up and delivery.

Small Load Moves

Maybe you're moving to a new apartment, or even bringing your child to college for the first time? Hiring a moving company to do the heavy lifting makes the whole process a breeze. 

Furniture Shipments

Do you need help moving furniture within your current home? Or maybe you need to move the perfect dining set you found on craigslist. Professional furniture movers know how to deal with any furniture shipment, from just a few pieces to van-full. 

Piano Transport

Whether it’s an upright or a baby grand, moving a piano isn't only challenging but downright dangerous. It’s always recommended to use a professional piano mover when moving your instrument from one location to another. 

Art & Antiques

Valuable arts and antiques require special handling. Paintings may require custom-built crates, books and papers need protection from water and humidity. Porcelain and pottery pieces will need extra special attention to keep them in one piece. When you hire vetted, licensed movers, they'll handle these extraordinary pieces with kid gloves. 


Sometimes you need to move out of your current home before your new house is ready. We can arrange for short-term storage for some or all of your belongings according to your needs. You can rest easy knowing that your property is secured in a climate-controlled warehouse until you're ready to receive it. 

Car Shipping

It’s not always feasible to drive your car to your new home. You may have more cars than people, or a valuable vehicle that you don’t want to put extra miles on. Or perhaps you don’t want your 17-year old driving their car 3,000 miles across the country. Car transportation is often overlooked but can be a convenient way to move your vehicle safely and efficiently. 

Packing Services

If you've never had someone pack for you, you're missing out. Our professional packers and movers will pack your entire home or certain items at your discretion. Often done in just a day or two, you can sit back and watch as movers wrap all your things carefully and pack them away for a safe move. You can even opt to have them unpack for you…talk about a stress-free move!

Residential Moves

We’ll connect you with the best residential movers in Manchester. They specialize in every aspect of your household move, including packing, shipping, storage, and more. 

Commercial Moves

Moving your business has a whole host of unique challenges. Conference desks are heavy, office, and/or manufacturing machines are delicate, paperwork is sensitive. Using a licensed and insured commercial mover makes the whole endeavor much less complicated. They know in advance what pitfalls to look for to avoid common mistakes. 

Same Day/Emergency/Short Notice

If you've fallen victim to a fire or flood, or something else has caused a drastic change in plans, you may need a mover on short notice. We have last-minute movers standing by ready to help. Click here, and we can get you going today!

Moving Supplies

You won’t be going anywhere without the right moving supplies to get you started. Old boxes are hard to find and usually aren’t sturdy enough for a serious move. New moving supplies will make packing easier and keep your belongings safer.