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A standard moving company can handle a typical household’s or business’s relocation needs, but you should trust your fine art to professionals who specialize in transporting such precious cargo. These experts have a specific skill set and offer services well worth the investment. Art movers coordinate all logistic factors to relocate artwork for museums, galleries, and private collectors. Great Guys Moving helps you find and compare rates on shipping companies that specialize in art transport and delivery.

Original works of fine art are unique and irreplaceable but transporting your artwork to a new location exposes each item in your collection to many risks. Improper packaging leaves scratches and fails to protect against dings and gouges, or a piece of work could degrade if exposed to the wrong materials or climates. Your artwork might also get lost or stolen. These are just a few of the reasons it is prudent to entrust your paintings, sculptures, and other art to a licensed and experienced moving professional.

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Fine Art Moving Services

The fine art handlers in our moving network assist with a variety of art moving needs, including the provision of the following services:

Packaging, Securing & Crating Fine Art

The characteristics of each piece of artwork determine the appropriate packing solution. Movers consider the physical needs of paintings, ceramics, antiques, and sculptures and select a packaging method proven to work:

  • Use of nonabrasive foams and blankets against the surfaces of artwork.
  • Set up internal shadow boxes with cardboard frames to support and secure artwork in place.
  • Identify the chemical properties of tapes and materials to avoid stains or leeching colors.
  • Build custom crates for uniquely shaped or oversized items.

Proper packaging techniques reduce the risk of damage by supporting the work and eliminating excessive movement and shifting.

Handling And Delivery Of Valuable Cargo

Packages and crates receive warning labels to indicate the valuable and fragile contents inside. This step ensures that movers take care when loading and stacking cargo. Securing these containers further reduces the risk of damage from shifting during transit.

Overcoming Fine Art Shipping Challenges

Your cargo is most susceptible to dangers during transit. Fine art movers know how to coordinate the fastest routes using the safest methods:

  • A trusted courier makes direct deliveries of small packages without stops at cargo hubs.
  • Air ride suspension on freight trucks limits the jostling your packages experience.
  • Movers might arrange air freight for faster delivery across greater distances.

In exceptional circumstances, an attendant may travel with your cargo to guard against unforeseen difficulties.

Installing Fine Art Displays At New Locations

Art moving companies also possess the skills to dismantle and reassemble displays in new locations.

  • Carpentry – Mount picture frames, build platforms, repair structures
  • Electrical Wiring – Modify or install lighting systems
  • Machine Operator – Carefully move monument pieces with hydraulic lifts

Dedicated Solutions For Artwork Storage

Art storage facilities are climate controlled and secure. Stable temperatures and humidity levels prevent warping, cracking, and mold damage. Staff members, heavy-duty locks, and monitoring systems ensure no one tampers with your valuables.

Benefits Of Hiring Professional Art Handlers

Fine art movers have the supplies, tools, and processes required to transport your collection safely. When you hire a licensed, insured professional through Great Guys, you can expect the following from your mover:

  • Expert skill to care for art materials and securely package works without causing damaging
  • Know best routes and methods of shipping both locally and long distance to reduce the risk of losses in transit
  • Bonded and insured movers offer recourse in the unlikely event damage does occur
  • Connected with restoration experts who may perform repairs or reconditioning if necessary

Your fine art delivery & transports company shares your appreciation for artistic expressions and offers you a moving service designed to meet the unique needs of your artwork.

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