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Moving to college can be one of the most exciting, but also scariest times of your life. You might be moving thousands of miles from home to attend your college of choice, or you might just be moving to a campus just a few miles from your parents’ house. Regardless of how far your move, you have some seriously exhilarating times ahead as you make the transition to life as a college student. Turn the headache of moving logistics over to the capable hands of Great Guys Moving. Whether you’re moving to college for the first time or leaving college to take on the real world, we can tackle the move for you, so you can focus on your busy schedule!
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Cheap Student Moving & Storage

For college students, moving couldn’t come at a worse time. Move-in always happens when you’re busy with Greek Rush Week or following a busy summer of travel or interning. Moving out is even worse – who has time to pack and clean in the middle of trying to cram for finals? If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed at the thought of moving, then let Great Guys help! We work with licensed moving professionals near campuses across the country to help college students find affordable moving assistance. Here are just a few perks of moving with us:

  • Free moving quote process: Simply fill out the form or give us a call, and we’ll get back to you with FREE quotes for your move.
  • Moving supplies: Scrounging up packing supplies is probably the last thing on your mind when you’re pulling all-nighters to get a passing grade in organic chemistry. Let us bring the supplies to you, so you have everything you need!
  • Cheap hourly moving rates: We work with the cheapest moving companies to bring you low, hourly rates on campus moving services.
  • Variety of services: From car transport to packing your dorm room, our network of movers offers an array of services to make your college relocation easier.
  • Licensed and insured professionals: Instead of hiring some frat guys who may or may not understand the subtler points of moving, why not have peace of mind knowing you’ve hired a qualified professional?

Moving Services For Busy College Students

Dorm Room Move-In & Set-Up

Whether you’re moving into the dorm as a new freshman or as a seasoned sophomore, let our crews do the heavy lifting. On moving day, we’ll transport your items to campus at the allotted move-in time, then work swiftly to get everything down the hallway or upstairs to your dorm room. We can help set-up your new living space, rearranging desks and beds until you’re happy with the layout. We can even assist with hanging curtains or pictures, laying out your rugs, and helping you unpack and organize your belongings.

Dorm Move Out

At the end of the semester, we know you want to get moved out of your dorm room as soon as possible. We’ll be there at the scheduled time to help you pack your boxes, clear out the dorm room, and put your items on the truck to transport home. With a professional moving company doing the hard work for you, you can focus on wrapping up your classes, starting that summer internship, or saying sayonara to your sorority sisters.

Off-Campus Housing & Apartment Moves

Living in an off-campus house or apartment is so much better than dorm life, right? You probably have your own room and may not even have to share a bathroom! Plus, there are no RAs breathing down your neck. However, your bigger space means more stuff and a more time-consuming move. Hire a local mover to tackle the chore of moving for you. Whether you need help unloading a rental truck or need a hand packing up at the end of your lease, Great Guys can help you find cheap moving services close to campus!

Loading And Unloading Services

If you’re moving to college from out-of-state or moving back home at the end of the semester, you might choose to rent a truck or storage container instead of hiring a full-service mover. While it might be easy enough to drive your U-Haul home, getting it loaded with your furniture, clothing, and other belongings can present a challenge. Hire local movers by the hour to help with loading and unloading your items. Your movers can assist with packing/unpacking, disassemble/reassembling beds and furniture, and can make sure everything fits on the truck.

College Student Auto Shipping

If you chose a college that’s hundreds or thousands of miles away from home, you might not want to deal with getting your car to or from campus every year, especially if you plan to spend summers at home or abroad. Use the Great Guys network of car transporters to find a cheap auto shipping service. Let someone else do the driving to get your ride home safely.

Summer Storage For College Students

When the dorms close at the end of the semester, it might seem overwhelming to figure out what to do with your stuff. It may not make sense to haul or ship your things home every year, especially if your parents live in a different state. Instead, put it in a secure storage facility for a few months until the next semester starts! With Great Guys, you can find affordable storage solutions close to campus for the summer or even a semester or two away. Many moving & storage companies will also transport your things to self-storage for you.

Great Guys Moving helps you find cheap moving services that cater to college students. From dorm move-in to auto shipping, we have all your campus moving needs covered! To get a free moving quote, call us or fill out the form!

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