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Montgomery to Plano Moving Guide Unlike Any You've Ever Read

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Moving from the historic charm of Montgomery, AL, to the dynamic energy of Plano, TX, marks an exciting chapter in your life. While you're trading Montgomery’s rich civil rights history and southern hospitality for Plano’s tech boom and sprawling urban parks, it's crucial to ensure the journey is smooth. That's why it’s essential to trust your move to reliable professional movers, like those we've meticulously ranked at Great Guys Moving, to navigate this long-distance transition seamlessly.

5 Best Movers for Moving from Montgomery to Plano

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Plano, TX
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Montgomery, AL
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Auburn, AL
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Montgomery, AL
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About C & R Movers, LLC

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Relocating from Montgomery to Plano Neighborhood Guide

Moving to a new city can be overwhelming, especially when you're not familiar with the local neighborhoods. To ease this transition, we've created a comparison of the local neighborhoods between Montgomery, AL & Plano, TX . This guide will help you find a new neighborhood in Plano that shares the essence and vibe of your favorite Montgomery area, making you feel right at home from the moment you arrive.

CloverdaleOld Towne

Quaint, historic charm

Garden DistrictWillow Bend

Elegant homes with mature trees

Old CloverdaleDowntown Plano

Vibrant arts and culture scene

Capitol HeightsHeritage Creekside

Close-knit community feel

HampsteadAustin Ranch

Mixed-use development, community-oriented

Pike RoadWest Plano

Modern amenities, family-friendly

HalcyonKings Ridge

Scenic views, quiet neighborhoods

Forest ParkRussell Creek

Parks and recreational areas

Deer CreekWhiffletree

Well-established, with excellent schools

Highland ParkPrestonwood

Upscale, with golf course access

Discovering the right neighborhood is crucial to feeling at home in your new city. For instance, if you appreciate the historic charm and artistic vibe of Old Cloverdale in Montgomery, you'll find Downtown Plano’s vibrant arts district and array of cultural events to be a perfect match, offering everything from local galleries to lively festivals. Meanwhile, fans of Montgomery's Garden District, with its elegant homes nestled among mature trees, will feel right at home in Willow Bend, where manicured landscapes and stately houses define the neighborhood. For those who love the community-oriented, mixed-use feel of Hampstead, Austin Ranch in Plano offers an excellent blend of residential, retail, and recreational spaces, facilitating a smooth transition to your new Texas lifestyle.

Things To Do background image

Things to Do in Plano

  • Explore Heritage Farmstead Museum
  • Stroll through Oak Point Park
  • Shop at The Shops at Willow Bend
  • Attend a concert at Legacy West
  • Dine at historic Downtown Plano
  • Read at a Plano Public Library
  • Play golf at PGA Frisco

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Pros and Cons of Moving from Montgomery to Plano

Considering a move from Montgomery, AL to Plano, TX? It's important to weigh all factors of such a decision. This comparison aims to highlight the pros and cons of relocating from Montgomery, AL to Plano, TX , ensuring you make a well-informed choice about your next chapter.

Montgomery, AL iconMontgomery, AL
  • Higher crime rates
  • Smaller job market
  • Less diverse economy
  • Lower average income
Plano, TX iconPlano, TX
  • Lower crime rates
  • Larger job market
  • More diverse economy
  • Higher average income
Plano, TX iconPlano, TX
  • Fewer historical sites
  • Higher cost of living
  • Colder winters
Montgomery, AL iconMontgomery, AL
  • Rich historical sites
  • Lower cost of living
  • Warmer winters

Moving to Plano, TX, offers a unique blend of opportunities and lifestyle enhancements compared to Montgomery, AL. Plano boasts a plethora of neighborhood parks perfect for outdoor activities, such as Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve, where you can indulge in hiking, biking, or simply enjoy the vast green spaces. The city's vibrant economy is reflected in its Legacy West area, a sprawl of high-end shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Culinary enthusiasts will relish exploring Plano's diverse food scene, from upscale dining at Seasons 52 to the bustling food halls of Legacy Hall. Despite the higher cost of living, the safety, job prospects, and quality of life in Plano present an appealing package for those considering this move.

Food Scene Guide When Moving from Montgomery to Plano

This is a comparison of the local cuisine between Montgomery & Plano to help you get a taste of the food scene in these areas. Understanding the local cuisine is pivotal as food is a significant aspect of local culture and living experience. This side-by-side look will equip you with insights into what culinary delights await you in your new home.


Most iconic local food item

Alabama BBQTexas Brisket

Most popular meat dish

Fried CatfishSmoked Ribs

Most popular street food item

Pulled Pork SandwichTacos

Most popular vegan food

Collard GreensVegan BBQ

Top 3 iconic restaurants that summarize the city

    1. Central
    2. Dreamland BBQ
    3. Jubilee Seafood
    1. Smoke
    2. Lockhart Smokehouse
    3. Fork in the Road

Fitness/Health Conscientiousness


Abundance of Food Trucks


Foodie Scene


Vegan Friendly


In Montgomery, the local cuisine carries the Southern charm with a strong inclination toward barbecue, especially Alabama BBQ, and fried catfish, highlighting the southern culinary tradition. Notable restaurants such as Dreamland BBQ and Central showcase the city's love for comfort food. On the other hand, Plano offers a rich culinary landscape with a Texan twist, with Texas Brisket and Smoked Ribs reflecting the state's love for smoked meats. The food scene is complemented by a variety of food trucks and vegetarian options. Plano’s vibrant foodie scene is well represented by spots like Smoke and Lockhart Smokehouse, encapsulating the city's innovative and diverse culinary offerings. Both cities cater to health-conscious residents but Plano, with a higher rating in fitness and health conscientiousness, offers more options for those with a keen interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Restaurant Guide for Moving from Montgomery to Plano

Relocating is not just about a change of address; it's about finding the new spots that make a place feel like home. Food, being the universal language of comfort and community, plays a pivotal role in this transition. This restaurant comparison between Montgomery, AL, and Plano, TX, is designed to help you swiftly find new favorites that resonate with your culinary preferences from your current hometown. Let's explore together where you can continue to relish beloved flavors or embark on new gastronomic adventures.


Elegant setting and innovative Southern cuisine

Saza Serious ItalianBavette Grill

Classic Italian with a modern twist

Derk's Filet & VineJorg's Cafe Vienna

Comfort food in a casual setting

Fish Market RestaurantSea Breeze Fish Market & Grill

Fresh seafood with a casual vibe

Vintage YearNova Restaurant

Fine dining with a focus on local ingredients

Chris' Hot DogsAngelo and Vito's Pizzeria

Casual eats known for their hot dogs and pizzas

Jubilee SeafoodThe Keeper

Unique seafood options in a stylish setting

Martin's RestaurantSmoke

Southern-inspired BBQ and comfort food

TrueWhiskey Cake

Farm-to-table dishes with a modern twist

Cloverdale ServiceLegacy Hall

Diverse food hall offering a variety of cuisines

Exploring the restaurant scenes in your new city can be just as thrilling as nostalgic. For instance, lovers of Southern cuisine transitioning from Montgomery's revered Central can find solace in Kai's innovative approach to Southern dishes in Plano. When the craving for impeccably fresh seafood arises, Plano's Sea Breeze Fish Market & Grill echoes the casual yet high-quality essence found at the Fish Market Restaurant in Montgomery. It's these careful selections that not only mirror beloved flavors but also introduce you to the unique culinary landscape of Plano, encouraging you to establish new favorites while cherishing the essence of your Montgomery roots.

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Real Estate Facts to Know Before Moving from Montgomery to Plano

Real estate is a pivotal consideration when planning a move, as it deeply influences both lifestyle and budget. Thus, understanding how Montgomery, AL and Plano, TX compare in terms of housing—encompassing cost, architecture, walkability, and more—is crucial for making informed decisions.

When comparing Montgomery and Plano in terms of housing, a few key differences stand out. Plano, with its higher median home price and rent, reflects its status within the rapidly growing Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, known for its strong economy and employment opportunities. The city's modern architecture often includes smart home features, aligning with its tech-savvy population. Meanwhile, Montgomery offers a more affordable living option, with its real estate listings frequently highlighting the city's historic charm and spacious lots. A significant aspect of moving to either city involves considering the lifestyle implications—Plano scores higher in walkability, bikeability, and an urban lifestyle, catering to those seeking a more active and amenity-rich setting. Choosing between Montgomery's slower-paced, historical ambiance and Plano's dynamic, contemporary environment will largely depend on personal preferences and priorities.

Pet-friendly neighborhoods background image

Pet-friendly Neighborhoods in Plano, TX

1. Legacy Town Center: With ample green spaces and the nearby Shops at Legacy, you can enjoy pet-friendly patio dining and beautiful walks around the pond.

2. Deerfield: Celebrated for its annual holiday light displays, Deerfield provides wide, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks for your evening walks with pets and numerous community activities where pets are welcome.

3. Austin Ranch: Known for its spacious apartments and townhomes that cater to pet owners, Austin Ranch offers extensive outdoor areas, including multiple dog parks and trails, ideal for your pets to play and exercise.

Weather Considerations for Moving from Montgomery to Plano

If you're considering a move, understanding the weather differences between your current location and your new home is crucial. For those moving from Montgomery, AL to Plano, TX , this comparison will help you gauge what to expect.

Summer icon
91°F / 71°F

Montgomery, AL

94°F / 75°F

Plano, TX

Average Summer High/Low (°F)

Winter icon
57°F / 36°F

Montgomery, AL

57°F / 37°F

Plano, TX

Average Winter High/Low (°F)

Rainfall icon

Montgomery, AL


Plano, TX

Annual Rainfall (Inches)

Snowfall icon

Montgomery, AL


Plano, TX

Annual Snowfall (Inches)

When moving from Montgomery to Plano, you'll find that summers are a tad warmer and slightly more humid in Montgomery, but Plano enjoys more days of sunshine annually. Despite similar winter temperatures, Plano experiences a bit more snowfall, albeit minimal. Both cities share common allergens such as pollen and mold, but those with sensitivities should note that Plano's slightly higher average UV index could impact outdoor activities. Additionally, while Montgomery faces a risk from hurricanes and tornadoes, Plano’s primary concerns are tornadoes and hailstorms. Adjusting to these differences will be key to your comfort and health in Plano.

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Money, Economy, and Job Market Considerations for Moving from Montgomery to Plano

When planning a move from one city to another, it's crucial to understand financial implications. This comparison aims to examine Montgomery and Plano in terms of finance and economy , offering insights into how your living expenses and economic environment could change.

Moving from Montgomery to Plano, you'll find a noticeable shift in the economic environment. The average household income in Plano is significantly higher, reflecting the city's higher cost of living and the prominence of high-paying industries such as technology and finance. Despite Texas not having a state income tax, Plano's property taxes are quite high. Nevertheless, the city's affluence means poverty and homelessness are less visible compared to Montgomery, which may offer a different community feel. Understanding these differences can help you prepare for the financial aspects of your relocation.

Political & Religious Comparison between Montgomery, AL and Plano, TX

When considering a move from Montgomery, AL to Plano, TX, it’s useful to understand the community you’re moving into. This comparison will give you a quick, at-a-glance snapshot of the political and religious makeup of the residents between Montgomery & Plano to help highlight the differences and similarities that might affect your daily life in your new home.


Political Make-up

Lean DemocraticLean Republican

Local Politics

Active civic engagementHigh rate of voter participation


Largely Christian, with significant Baptist and Methodist communities Local ChurchDiverse, with large Christian and increasing Hindu and Muslim communities Local Church

Moving from Montgomery with its Democratic leanings to Plano, a city with a slight Republican tilt, might seem like a political culture shift. However, both cities exhibit a strong sense of civic duty, reflected in Montgomery's active civic engagement and Plano's remarkable voter turnout. Religion plays a significant role in community life in both cities. Montgomery's religious scene is predominantly Christian, with a strong presence of Baptist and Methodist denominations. Plano offers a more diverse religious landscape, accommodating large Christian congregations alongside growing Hindu and Muslim communities, reflecting the city's growing cultural diversity. Embracing this diversity can enrich your social and cultural experience in Plano.

Traffic and Public Transit Considerations for Moving from Montgomery to Plano

When deciding to move, understanding the daily commute and traffic can greatly impact your decision. This guide offers a comparison of the traffic and transportation options between Montgomery & Plano to help you gauge what to expect in your new city.


Avg Commute Time (in minutes)


Traffic Congestion (out of 10)


Availability of Public Transit (out of 10)


Can you get by without car?

While Montgomery offers a relatively relaxed commute with an average time of 20 minutes, Plano experiences a slightly longer commute averaging 25 minutes, likely due to its higher traffic congestion score. However, Plano boasts a better public transit system, making it somewhat easier for those without a car, although still challenging. In Montgomery, the reliance on personal vehicles is almost a necessity given the limited availability of public transit options. This fundamental difference highlights the importance of considering how you plan to navigate your new city before moving.

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