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Arkansas to North Dakota Moving Guide Unlike Any You've Ever Read

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Moving from Arkansas to North Dakota embodies an exciting transition, marking a significant life change and adventure. As you leave behind Arkansas's warm southern charm and lush landscapes for North Dakota's expansive skies, harsh winters, and the rugged beauty of the Great Plains, it's a journey of contrasting experiences. Recognizing the distance and differences, it's crucial to enlist trusted and reliable professional movers like us at Great Guys Moving, ensuring your transition is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

6 Best Movers for Moving from Arkansas to North Dakota

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Pros and Cons of Moving from Arkansas to North Dakota

Moving across states is a significant decision that requires a balanced understanding of what you're leaving behind and what awaits you. In comparing Arkansas to North Dakota, this comparison aims to reflect honestly on the Arkansas to North Dakota relocation , spotlighting both sides of the coin. Here, you'll find succinct visual aids that outline the pros and cons of such a transition, setting you up for an informed decision.

Arkansas iconArkansas
  • Higher humidity
  • More mosquitoes
  • Lower median income
  • Lesser job opportunities
North Dakota iconNorth Dakota
  • Drier climate
  • Fewer pests
  • Higher median income
  • More job sectors
North Dakota iconNorth Dakota
  • Colder winters
  • Less cultural diversity
  • Less forested areas
  • Harsher winters
Arkansas iconArkansas
  • Warmer winters
  • Rich cultural history
  • More natural forests
  • Milder summers

While Arkansas enjoys milder winters and a rich cultural history visible in landmarks like the Clinton Presidential Center, moving to North Dakota offers a distinctive set of advantages. North Dakota, known for its drier climate, alleviates the discomfort of Arkansas' humid summers and the peskiness of mosquitoes. Economically, North Dakota presents a promising landscape with a higher median income and burgeoning job markets, particularly in sectors like energy and technology. Cities like Fargo offer vibrant communities, bustling with restaurants like Mezzaluna and cultural hotspots such as the Plains Art Museum, enhancing the living experience. However, it's crucial to brace for North Dakota's colder winters, a stark contrast to the winter climate you're accustomed to in Arkansas.

Food Scene Guide When Moving from Arkansas to North Dakota

Transitioning to a new locale involves much more than just a change of scenery; it's about immersing oneself in the cultural tapestry of the area, of which food is a quintessential part. By exploring the comparison of the local cuisine between Arkansas & North Dakota , you're not only discovering what's on the plate but getting a taste of what life there is all about. Let's dive into the culinary differences to better prepare you for your move.

ArkansasNorth Dakota

Most iconic local food item

Fried CatfishKnoephla Soup

Most popular meat dish

Barbecue RibsBison Steak

Most popular street food item

Po'boy SandwichesFleischkuekle

Most popular vegan food

Black Bean BurgersLentil Dishes

Top 3 iconic restaurants that summarize the state

    1. Joe's Bar B-Q
    2. McClard's Bar-B-Q
    3. Doe's Eat Place
    1. Kroll's Diner
    2. Pit 109
    3. Mezzaluna

Fitness/Health Conscientiousness


Abundance of Food Trucks


Foodie Scene


Vegan Friendly


While Arkansas prides itself on its succulent barbecue ribs and iconic fried catfish, you'll find a translation of the Midwest's love for hearty meals into North Dakota's knoephla soup and bison steaks. Foodies moving to North Dakota should not miss trying fleischkuekle, a deep-fried delicacy you can discover at local fairs and food trucks. Those looking for vegan options will find lentil dishes in North Dakota, marking a slight shift from the southern flair of Arkansas's black bean burgers. Iconic dining experiences await in both states, from the historic feel of Joe's Bar B-Q in Arkansas to the homey atmosphere of Kroll's Diner in North Dakota, each offering a culinary tour that encapsulates the essence of their respective states.

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Real Estate Facts to Know Before Moving from Arkansas to North Dakota

When planning a move, comparing the real estate landscape is crucial for a smooth transition. Understanding the differences in housing costs, architecture, and lifestyle between Arkansas and North Dakota highlights what to expect and aids in making informed decisions.

Arkansas and North Dakota offer distinct lifestyle qualities mirrored in their real estate markets. Arkansas homes often feature Craftsman and Ranch styles with emphasis on large yards and proximity to natural landscapes, perfect for those who favor outdoor activities and space. On the other hand, North Dakota's real estate listings highlight energy-efficient homes with modern appliances, catering to a more urban lifestyle with a slightly higher walkability and bikeability score. Despite the differences, both states provide affordable living options compared to national averages, with Arkansas being slightly more economical, especially in terms of home buying.

Weather Considerations for Moving from Arkansas to North Dakota

When planning a move from Arkansas to North Dakota, understanding how the weather compares is crucial. The climate you're accustomed to in Arkansas will differ in several ways from what you'll experience in North Dakota, affecting everything from what you wear to how you plan your daily activities. This comparison aims to prepare you for these changes.

Summer icon
92°F / 72°F


85°F / 57°F

North Dakota

Average Summer High/Low (°F)

Winter icon
50°F / 30°F


24°F / 2°F

North Dakota

Average Winter High/Low (°F)

Rainfall icon



North Dakota

Annual Rainfall (Inches)

Snowfall icon



North Dakota

Annual Snowfall (Inches)

Moving from Arkansas to North Dakota, you'll notice significant differences in climate conditions that could impact your daily life. For instance, the winter temperatures in North Dakota can be drastically lower than what you're used to in Arkansas, not to mention the substantial increase in snowfall, averaging over 50 inches annually in North Dakota compared to just 5 inches in Arkansas. This could mean investing in snow removal equipment or more robust winter clothing. Arkansas experiences more days of sunshine and higher humidity levels year-round, which might affect your comfort level and activities when moving to North Dakota where drier, colder conditions prevail, especially in winter.

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Money, Economy, and Job Market Considerations for Moving from Arkansas to North Dakota

When relocating from Arkansas to North Dakota, understanding how your finances might be impacted is crucial. This comparison aims to highlight critical financial differences to help you prepare for your move.

Moving from Arkansas to North Dakota, you'll notice immediate differences in financial figures. With an average household income significantly higher in North Dakota, coupled with a moderately higher cost of living index, your financial planning will require adjustments. The stark contrast in state income tax rates also means keeping more of your earnings in North Dakota. However, a higher property tax rate awaits. The shift in dominant industries could also influence your career opportunities, emphasizing energy in North Dakota over Arkansas's mix of agriculture and manufacturing. Understanding these nuances is crucial for a smooth financial transition.

Political & Religious Comparison between Arkansas and North Dakota

Considering a move from Arkansas to North Dakota? This quick overview provides an at-a-glance snapshot of how these states differ, spotlighting the comparison of the politics between Arkansas & North Dakota, as well as the religious landscape. Understanding these aspects can help you get a feel for the social atmosphere of your new home.

ArkansasNorth Dakota

Political Make-up

Lean ConservativeConservative

Local Politics

Mixed, with urban areas more liberalGenerally conservative, even in urban areas


Largely Christian, notably BaptistPrimarily Christian, with a significant Lutheran population

The political and religious makeup between Arkansas and North Dakota presents an interesting dynamic for those relocating. While both states lean conservative, Arkansas shows a more mixed political environment within its urban areas, hinting at a diverse range of viewpoints. Conversely, North Dakota maintains a more uniformly conservative stance across the state, including its urban areas. On the religious front, both states are predominantly Christian, but where Arkansas sees a significant Baptist presence, North Dakota is home to a considerable Lutheran community. This subtle shift in religious landscape reflects the cultural nuances that can enrich your experience in your new state.

Education Guide When Moving from Arkansas to North Dakota

Moving from Arkansas to North Dakota represents a significant change, especially when it comes to educational options for your children. Understanding the school landscapes in both states is crucial. Here is a simple chart to help you better understand the comparisons between school options in Arkansas and North Dakota. This will give you a clearer view of what to expect in terms of quality, environment, and opportunities.

ArkansasNorth Dakota

Where most Seniors go to college (top 3)

University of Arkansas
Arkansas State University
University of Central Arkansas
North Dakota State University
University of North Dakota
Minot State University

Top 3 Elementary Schools

Vandergriff Elementary (Fayetteville)
Forest Park Elementary (Little Rock)
Baker Interdistrict Elementary (Little Rock)
Liberty Elementary (Bismarck)
Freedom Elementary (West Fargo)
Longfellow Elementary (Fargo)

Top 3 Middle Schools

Lisa Academy North (Sherwood)
Haas Hall Academy (Fayetteville)
Fulbright Junior High (Bentonville)
Ben Franklin Middle School (Fargo)
Discovery Middle School (Fargo)
Wachter Middle School (Bismarck)

Top 3 High School Schools

Haas Hall Academy (Fayetteville)
Bentonville High School (Bentonville)
Little Rock Central High School (Little Rock)
Century High School (Bismarck)
Fargo South High School (Fargo)
Red River High School (Grand Forks)

Top 3 private high schools

Pulaski Academy (Little Rock)
Mount St. Mary Academy (Little Rock)
Subiaco Academy (Subiaco)
Shanley High School (Fargo)
St. Mary's Central High School (Bismarck)
Oak Grove Lutheran School (Fargo)

Top 3 private K-12 schools

Little Rock Christian Academy (Little Rock)
Arkansas Baptist School System (Little Rock)
The Anthony School (Little Rock)
Oak Grove Lutheran School (Fargo)
Shiloh Christian School (Bismarck)
Trinity Christian School (Williston)

Top 3 School Districts

Bentonville School District
Fayetteville School District
Rogers School District
Fargo Public Schools
Bismarck Public Schools
Grand Forks Public Schools

When comparing Arkansas to North Dakota, you'll find unique educational strengths in each state. For instance, Arkansas is known for its exceptional high schools such as Haas Hall Academy in Fayetteville, which is consistently ranked among the best in the state. Moving to North Dakota, you'll discover a strong emphasis on community and technological integration in education, with schools like Liberty Elementary in Bismarck showcasing innovative learning environments. Furthermore, top colleges and universities in these states exhibit diverse strengths, with Arkansas featuring strong business and law programs, and North Dakota known for engineering and health sciences. This contrast highlights the diverse academic landscapes and opportunities available, ensuring your children can thrive in the environment that best suits their educational needs and aspirations.

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