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Moving from the sun-kissed deserts of Tucson, AZ to the historic charm of Birmingham, AL, can be an exciting chapter in your life, filled with new beginnings and adventures. Leaving behind the vibrant hues of the "Old Pueblo" for the lush landscapes and rich heritage of "The Magic City" embodies a journey of diverse cultural and environmental exploration. To ensure this transition is as smooth and stress-free as possible, it's vital to entrust your move to reliable and professional movers. At Great Guys Moving, we pride ourselves on connecting you with the best moving services, using our rigorous, unbiased ranking algorithm to guarantee you're working with the top experts in the field.

5 Best Movers for Moving from Tucson to Birmingham

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Birmingham, AL
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About New Latitude Movers

New Latitude Moving and Storage is a full-service moving company based in Birmingham, Alabama. Originally started as an antique moving compa...Read More >>

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Since 2011, this family-owned moving company has been building a reputation in Tucson, AZ, for excellence, professionalism, and integrity. M...Read More >>

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Phoenix, AZ
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Tucson, AZ
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About Abba & Sons Moving LLC

Based in Tucson, Abba and Sons Moving is a family-owned company that serves all of Southern Arizona with residential and commercial relocati...Read More >>

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Birmingham, AL
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About Changing Spaces Moving Inc

Since 2003, Changing Spaces Moving has served the Birmingham and Huntsville metro areas. This family-owned moving company provides residenti...Read More >>

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Relocating from Tucson to Birmingham Neighborhood Guide

Moving to a new city can be a daunting task, especially when you're unfamiliar with the local areas. To ease this transition, we've crafted a guide that employs a comparison of the local neighborhoods between Tucson, AZ & Birmingham, AL. This comparison will help you find a similar vibe, amenities, and community spirit in your new home city, mirroring what you cherished in your old neighborhood.

Catalina FoothillsMountain Brook

Affluent, panoramic views

Sam HughesForest Park

Historic homes, artsy scene

Armory ParkHighland Park

Rich history, diverse architecture

Rita RanchHoover

Family-friendly, good schools

Dove MountainVestavia Hills

Upscale, recreational opportunities

Oro ValleyLiberty Park

Open spaces, modern amenities

El EncantoRedmont Park

Exclusive, elegant estates


Quiet, rural charm

Sabino CanyonBrook Highland

Natural beauty, outdoor activities

Tanque VerdeGreystone

Lush landscapes, golf courses

For those who have cherished the affluent and scenic views of Catalina Foothills, the neighborhood of Mountain Brook in Birmingham offers a strikingly similar landscape with its own panoramic views and upscale community vibes. The historic charm of Sam Hughes can be found mirrored in Birmingham's Forest Park, known for its historic homes and vibrant arts scene. If the diversity and rich history of Armory Park captivated you, Highland Park in Birmingham boasts a rich tapestry of diverse architecture and a storied past. For outdoor enthusiasts who loved the natural beauty of Sabino Canyon in Tucson, Brook Highland in Birmingham provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities with its own breathtaking natural landscapes. Each of these neighborhoods in Birmingham offers unique parks, restaurants, and sights that echo the beloved characteristics of your Tucson neighborhood, ensuring a smoother and more familiar transition to your new home.

Things To Do background image

Things to Do in Birmingham

  • Explore Birmingham Zoo.
  • Visit Birmingham Museum of Art.
  • Walk around Railroad Park.
  • Enjoy McWane Science Center.
  • Discover Vulcan Park and Museum.
  • Attend a game at UAB Sports.
  • Tour Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark.

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Pros and Cons of Moving from Tucson to Birmingham

Moving can be an exciting but daunting task, especially when it involves relocating to a new city with its own unique set of characteristics. This guide aims to reflect honestly on the good and the bad attributes of relocating from Tucson, AZ to Birmingham, AL, helping you weigh both sides impartially. Let’s dive into the detailed comparisons.

Tucson, AZ iconTucson, AZ
  • Higher summer heat
  • Lower rainfall
  • Less greenery
  • Fewer historic sites
Birmingham, AL iconBirmingham, AL
  • Milder summers
  • Higher rainfall
  • More green spaces
  • Rich history
Birmingham, AL iconBirmingham, AL
  • Smaller arts community
  • Higher cost of living
  • Less dramatic landscapes
  • Fewer Mexican eateries
Tucson, AZ iconTucson, AZ
  • Vibrant arts scene
  • Lower cost of living
  • Stunning desert landscapes
  • More Mexican cuisine

When moving from Tucson to Birmingham, you'll trade the intense desert heat for Birmingham's milder, though more humid, summers. Birmingham boasts an impressive amount of greenery, thanks to its higher rainfall, offering ample parks such as the Railroad Park for leisure and recreation. Historical enthusiasts will revel in Birmingham's rich history, with landmarks like the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute providing deep insight into America's civil rights movement. Conversely, while Tucson's vibrant arts scene, fueled by events like the annual Tucson Festival of Books, may be more pronounced than Birmingham's, the growing arts community in areas like the Birmingham Museum of Art offers its own charm and promise of cultural enrichment.

Food Scene Guide When Moving from Tucson to Birmingham

Food plays a pivotal role in understanding local culture and the lifestyle in a new city. By exploring the culinary scene, you can immerse yourself in the flavors that define a place. In this spirit, we've crafted a comparison of the local cuisine between Tucson & Birmingham to guide you through the gastronomic journey awaiting in your new home.


Most iconic local food item

Sonoran Hot DogFried Green Tomatoes

Most popular meat dish

Carne AsadaBarbecue Ribs

Most popular street food item

TacosGrits Bowl

Most popular vegan food

Jackfruit CarnitasAvocado Toast

Top 3 iconic restaurants that summarize the city

  • El Guero Canelo
  • Bacan
  • Cafe Poca Cosa
  • SAW's BBQ
  • Highlands Bar & Grill
  • Hot and Hot Fish Club

Fitness/Health Conscientiousness


Abundance of Food Trucks


Foodie Scene


Vegan Friendly


In Tucson, the Sonoran Hot Dog is a must-try, symbolizing the city's unique blend of Mexican and American culinary cultures. You can find this delightful treat at many local hot spots, including the famous El Guero Canelo. On the other hand, Birmingham takes pride in its southern roots with iconic dishes like Fried Green Tomatoes, best enjoyed at places like the historic Highlands Bar & Grill. The city's barbecue scene, particularly ribs, is also not to be missed, with SAW's BBQ leading the charge. Both cities offer a rich tapestry of flavors worth exploring, whether you're strolling through Tucson's vibrant food truck alleys or savoring Birmingham's lush avocado toasts in cozy cafes.

Restaurant Guide for Moving from Tucson to Birmingham

Finding comfort in a new city often starts with discovering its cuisine. This comparison is designed to bridge your move from Tucson, AZ to Birmingham, AL by comparing top restaurant choices. It will help you in locating that new go-to spot which reminds you of home while offering a taste of your new city's unique flavor.

El Charro CaféEl Barrio

Authentic Mexican cuisine with a modern twist

Cafe Poca CosaHighlands Bar and Grill

Fine dining with a focus on local ingredients

The Loft CinemaSidewalk Film Center and Cinema

Similar arthouse vibes and community focus

Reilly Craft Pizza & DrinkPost Office Pies

Artisanal pizzas in a casual, industrial setting

PencaThe Essential

Modern bistro offering inventive dishes

Boca Tacos y TequilaLittle Donkey

Mexican food with Southern flair

Prep & PastryBig Bad Breakfast

Similar focus on high-quality breakfast and brunch

Blue Willow RestaurantSaw's Soul Kitchen

Comfort food with a twist

Zemam'sGhion Cultural Hall

A taste of Ethiopia, reflecting a deep culinary tradition

Eegee'sSteel City Pops

Unique frozen treats, a cool relief for the summer

For those who relish the vibrant Mexican cuisine of El Charro Café in Tucson, El Barrio in Birmingham welcomes you with similarly authentic flavors but brings a modern take that captures the essence of the local culinary scene. When it comes to finding a breakfast spot that feels like Prep & Pastry, Big Bad Breakfast in Birmingham stands out with its emphasis on quality ingredients and comforting, hearty plates that will start your day on the right note. And for those evenings when only the unique comfort of a film can suffice, Sidewalk Film Center and Cinema offers an environment that echoes the communal and indie spirit of The Loft Cinema, coupled with a deep appreciation for the art of filmmaking. Embracing these new equivalents can make Birmingham feel a bit more like home.

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Real Estate Facts to Know Before Moving from Tucson to Birmingham

Real estate is a crucial element in deciding on a move. Looking at Tucson, AZ, and Birmingham, AL, it's pivotal to understand how these cities compare in terms of housing costs, architecture, walkability, and more. This comparison will illuminate the nuances of each city's real estate landscape.

When comparing Tucson and Birmingham, the contrast in median home prices stands out, with Tucson being considerably higher. This discrepancy could be attributed to Tucson's popularity among retirees and outdoor enthusiasts, attracted to its mountain views and Spanish Colonial-style homes. On the other hand, Birmingham offers a unique blend of Victorian and Craftsman architecture within its historic neighborhoods, accentuated by affordability in both housing purchase and rental markets. However, Tucson pulls ahead in terms of walkability and bikeability, promoting a more active urban lifestyle which could be a deciding factor for those valuing outdoor activity and mobility without a vehicle. Each city has unique characteristics that cater to different preferences, whether you're searching for affordable historic charm in Birmingham or the sunny, active lifestyle in Tucson.

Pet-friendly neighborhoods background image

Pet-friendly Neighborhoods in Birmingham, AL

1. Highland Park: Known for its expansive parks like Rhodes Park, it's a paradise where your pets can enjoy long walks and meet other animals in a friendly neighborhood.

2. Avondale: With its pet-friendly patios at local establishments like Avondale Brewing Company, you and your furry friend can enjoy a day out in the community together.

3. Homewood: Home to the Homewood Central Park, offering spacious areas for pets to play and paths for walking, making it ideal for pet owners looking for an active community.

Weather Considerations for Moving from Tucson to Birmingham

When planning a move from Tucson, AZ to Birmingham, AL, it's crucial to understand how the weather varies between these two locations. This comparison will illuminate differences in temperature, humidity, sunshine, and more, aiding your preparation for the new climate you'll encounter.

Summer icon
100°F / 74°F

Tucson, AZ

90°F / 71°F

Birmingham, AL

Average Summer High/Low (°F)

Winter icon
65°F / 39°F

Tucson, AZ

54°F / 35°F

Birmingham, AL

Average Winter High/Low (°F)

Rainfall icon

Tucson, AZ


Birmingham, AL

Annual Rainfall (Inches)

Snowfall icon

Tucson, AZ


Birmingham, AL

Annual Snowfall (Inches)

Moving from Tucson to Birmingham will introduce you to a significantly more humid environment, with an average annual humidity of 70% compared to Tucson's dry 25%. This drastic change can affect not only your daily comfort but may also influence your home's maintenance and the need for air conditioning or dehumidifiers. Birmingham also experiences a higher annual rainfall, receiving over four times the amount of rain than Tucson, which could alter your outdoor activities and even your wardrobe needs. The lower count of sunny days in Birmingham might be a considerable shift if you're accustomed to Tucson's abundant sunshine. Understanding these differences will help you adapt more smoothly to your new surroundings.

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Money, Economy, and Job Market Considerations for Moving from Tucson to Birmingham

When considering a move from Tucson, AZ to Birmingham, AL, it's crucial to understand the financial implications. Comparing Tucson and Birmingham in terms of money and finance helps you anticipate the changes in your budget and lifestyle. This comparison will guide you through different aspects of both cities' economies, from average incomes to the cost of living.

Moving between Tucson and Birmingham brings to light several financial contrasting qualities. For instance, though the average household income is somewhat higher in Tucson, Birmingham offers a notably lower cost of living index, making everyday expenses potentially more manageable. However, it's essential to consider the slightly higher sales tax in Birmingham, which can affect overall expenditure. Both cities share moderate levels of affluence and noticeable homelessness, illustrating common urban economic challenges. The dominant industries also reflect the economic diversity and opportunities available, from the aerospace and defense focus in Tucson to healthcare and banking in Birmingham. These dynamics play a crucial role in the local economies and job markets, influencing your financial well-being and opportunities in each city.

Political & Religious Comparison between Tucson, AZ and Birmingham, AL

This comparison offers a brief glimpse into the political and religious landscape between Tucson, AZ, and Birmingham, AL , providing insights into what you can expect from the communities in these cities.


Political Make-up


Local Politics

Democratic-leaning leadershipDemocratic-leaning leadership, but in a historically Republican state


Predominantly Christian, with a mix of other faithsHeavily Christian, with a significant presence of Baptist denomination

In moving from Tucson to Birmingham, you'll transition from a community with a more liberal political atmosphere to one that's more conservatively inclined, albeit both cities have Democratic leadership. The religious scene also shifts significantly; while Tucson presents a diverse religious tapestry, Birmingham is deeply rooted in the Christian faith, particularly Baptist traditions. This reflects not just in the places of worship you'll find, such as the Independent Presbyterian Church of Birmingham, but also in community activities and values that might be more prevalent in Birmingham.

Traffic and Public Transit Considerations for Moving from Tucson to Birmingham

Moving from Tucson, AZ to Birmingham, AL brings many changes, especially when it comes to your daily commute. This comparison of the traffic and transportation options between Tucson & Birmingham is designed to help you better understand what the daily commute and traffic is like in these two cities.


Avg Commute Time (in minutes)


Traffic Congestion (out of 10)


Availability of Public Transit (out of 10)


Can you get by without car?

In comparing Tucson and Birmingham, you'll notice some differences that could impact your daily life significantly. For example, while the average commute times are comparable, with Tucson at 25 minutes and Birmingham slightly less at 23 minutes, how you experience these commutes might vary due to the availability of public transit. In Tucson, public transit options are more available, scoring a 5 out of 10, while Birmingham scores lower at 3, making it more challenging to rely on public transit in Birmingham. Moreover, getting by without a car is noted to be challenging in Tucson but becomes even more difficult in Birmingham, indicating a greater reliance on personal vehicles for transportation in the latter city.

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