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Mesa to New Orleans Moving Guide Unlike Any You've Ever Read

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Moving from the sun-baked deserts of Mesa, AZ to the vibrant streets of New Orleans, LA is an adventure brimming with promise and excitement. Leaving behind the heat and the vast openness of "The Valley" for the rich culture, history, and lively spirit of "The Big Easy" marks a significant life change, laden with opportunities to explore new foods, neighborhoods, and ways of life. To ensure this transition is as smooth and stress-free as possible, entrusting your move to trusted and reliable professional movers is paramount. With Great Guys Moving, we use an unbiased ranking algorithm to connect you with the best movers, turning the daunting task of long-distance moving into a seamless journey.

5 Best Movers for Moving from Mesa to New Orleans

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Phoenix, AZ
Local moving services, Long-distance moving services, Packing services See More
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Peoria, AZ
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About New Beginnings Moving Solutions

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Phoenix, AZ
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About Creative Moving and Packing, LLC

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Bart's Office Inc. Logo
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New Orleans, LA
Full service commercial relocation, Installation/reconfiguration of cubical office space, Restaurant & Apartment appliance installation See More
Authorized for Interstate Moves

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About Bart's Office Inc.

Bart's Office, founded in 1978, stands out in the New Orleans, Louisiana, area as a moving company that specializes in commercial moves. Per...Read More >>

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New Orleans, LA
Local Moving, Junk Removal, Storage See More
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About Two Men and a Truck

In just over 35 years of operation, Two Men and A Truck has come from humble beginnings to becoming one of the leading movers across the Uni...Read More >>

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Relocating from Mesa to New Orleans Neighborhood Guide

Moving to a new city can be exciting yet daunting, especially when you're not familiar with the local neighborhoods. To ease this transition, we've crafted a comparison of local neighborhoods between Mesa, AZ & New Orleans, LA, using Mesa's popular areas as a baseline. This will help you find a new neighborhood in New Orleans that feels like home.

MesaNew Orleans
Dobson RanchLakeview

Residential, with a focus on community and outdoor activities

Las SendasAudubon

Upscale, with ample green spaces and a focus on nature

Red Mountain RanchGarden District

Historic homes and lush landscapes


Family-friendly, diverse with a mix of residential and commercial

Alta MesaUptown

Residential, vibrant community life

EastmarkWarehouse District

Modern, with innovative living spaces and entertainment

Leisure WorldFrench Quarter

Lively, with a rich historical background and vibrant nightlife

Augusta RanchAlgiers Point

Quiet, historic, with a sense of small community charm

The GrovesBywater

Artsy, with a unique blend of historical and creative energy

Mountain BridgeFaubourg Marigny

Eclectic, with a strong local culture and music scene

Understanding the cultural and environmental fabric of neighborhoods can dramatically impact your settling-in experience. For instance, if you relish the community and outdoor lifestyle of Dobson Ranch in Mesa, the Lakeview area in New Orleans will resonate with you, featuring accessible parks such as the New Basin Canal Park, and a strong sense of neighborhood camaraderie. Enthusiasts of the arts and eclectic ambiance of The Groves might find a captivating similarity with Bywater, known for its vibrant street art, historic architecture, and local spots like The Country Club for its pool and lively atmosphere. Meanwhile, the historic charm and lush landscapes that define Red Mountain Ranch can be found in the Garden District of New Orleans, where strolling through Magazine Street's array of shops and dining options like Commander's Palace offers both a scenic and savory exploration of the neighborhood's offerings. These pairings aim to bring a piece of your old home into your new surroundings in New Orleans, easing the transition and enriching your new living experience.

Things To Do background image

Things to Do in New Orleans

  • Explore the French Quarter
  • Enjoy live jazz at Snug Harbor
  • Visit the Audubon Zoo
  • Take a steamboat cruise
  • Savor beignets at Café du Monde
  • Stroll through City Park
  • Discover art at the New Orleans Museum of Art

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Pros and Cons of Moving from Mesa to New Orleans

Moving from Mesa, AZ to New Orleans, LA involves weighing various factors to make an informed decision. This comparison aims to present a balanced view of the move between Mesa and New Orleans , shedding light on the nuances of both cities. Understanding the pros and cons will help you anticipate the changes and prepare accordingly.

Mesa, AZ iconMesa, AZ
  • Dry desert climate
  • Less nightlife
  • Smaller art scene
  • Lower humidity
New Orleans, LA iconNew Orleans, LA
  • Vibrant culture
  • Rich music scene
  • Diverse cuisine
  • Better public transport
New Orleans, LA iconNew Orleans, LA
  • Higher humidity
  • Potential for flooding
  • Denser traffic
  • Less open space
Mesa, AZ iconMesa, AZ
  • Suburban calm
  • Lower living cost
  • Easy navigation
  • Outdoor activities

When considering a move from Mesa, AZ to New Orleans, LA, it's essential to delve into the details of what each city offers. Mesa, known for its suburban serenity and vast open spaces, such as the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch, contrasts with New Orleans’ vibrant, bustling cultural scene, highlighted by annual festivals like Mardi Gras and venues such as the Preservation Hall for jazz enthusiasts. New Orleans' culinary diversity is unmatched, with iconic establishments such as Café du Monde offering beignets and chicory coffee, presenting a stark contrast to Mesa's more traditional dining scene. Furthermore, New Orleans’ historic neighborhoods, like the French Quarter, provide a unique living experience steeped in history, unlike the newer, more modern developments found in Mesa. These differences embody the trade-offs between the desert's tranquility and the lively urban tapestry of New Orleans.

Food Scene Guide When Moving from Mesa to New Orleans

This is a comparison of the local cuisine between Mesa & New Orleans, showcasing how food reflects the rich cultural heritage of an area. If you're considering a move to either city, this guide will help you understand the culinary scene awaiting you.

MesaNew Orleans

Most iconic local food item

Navajo TacoGumbo

Most popular meat dish

Carne AsadaJambalaya

Most popular street food item

Street TacosPo-boys

Most popular vegan food

Vegan BurritoVegan Gumbo

Top 3 iconic restaurants that summarize the city

    1. Original Blue Adobo
    2. Jalapeños
    3. Cafe Monarch
    1. Commander’s Palace
    2. Galatoire’s
    3. Cochon

Fitness/Health Conscientiousness


Abundance of Food Trucks


Foodie Scene


Vegan Friendly


When moving to New Orleans, you'll find yourself in a food-lover's paradise known for its distinct culinary scene. Dishes like Gumbo and Jambalaya capture the city's melting pot of cultures. The vibrant neighborhoods of the French Quarter and Garden District teem with eateries like Commander’s Palace and Galatoire’s, where these iconic meals can be experienced. New Orleans' welcoming embrace of vegan cuisine, demonstrated through dishes like Vegan Gumbo, reflects the city's progressive dining scene. Street food enthusiasts will delight in the ubiquitous Po-boys, a testament to New Orleans’ rich street food culture.

Restaurant Guide for Moving from Mesa to New Orleans

Understanding the importance of food in making a new city feel like home, this comparison aims to ease your transition from Mesa to New Orleans. Whether you're seeking a fine dining experience, a casual eatery, or a spot that teems with local flavor, we've got you covered. By comparing top restaurants in Mesa to their equivalents in New Orleans, finding your new favorite dining spot just got easier.

Red, White & BrewCochon Restaurant

Both offer American cuisine with a focus on quality and comfort.

Republica EmpanadaEl Libre

Authentic Latin American flavors in a casual setting.

Worth TakeawayTurkey and the Wolf

Sandwiches taken to an art form in both, with a creative twist.

Asian Cafe Express9 Roses Café

Both specialize in Asian cuisine with a diverse menu and authentic flavors.

Bobby Q - MesaCentral City BBQ

Quality BBQ with a focus on smoked meats and homestyle sides.

Organ Stop PizzaLucy's Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant

Both offer a unique dining experience with fun atmospheres.

Jalapeño BucksJohnny Sánchez

Focusing on bold flavors and Mexican cuisine, a taste of the southwest in both.

The Cutting Board Bakery and CaféSeed

Both emphasize healthy, plant-based dishes with flavorful, creative menus.

Vitos Pizza & Italian RistoranteDomenica

Italian cuisine with a passion for tradition and gourmet touches.

Nunthaporn's Thai CuisineBanana Blossom Thai Café

Authentic Thai dishes that highlight traditional flavors and spices.

For those passionate about authentic flavors and artisanal dishes, the transition from Mesa to New Orleans offers exciting culinary discoveries. Central City BBQ in New Orleans mirrors the dedication to smoked meats and complex flavors found at Bobby Q in Mesa, ensuring BBQ enthusiasts can find a new haven. Similarly, lovers of Italian cuisine will appreciate the traditional dishes and gourmet touches at Domenica, reminiscent of the experience at Vito's Pizza & Italian Ristorante. As you explore these eateries, you'll not only satisfy your taste buds but also start to weave the fabric of your new life in New Orleans, one delicious meal at a time.

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Real Estate Facts to Know Before Moving from Mesa to New Orleans

When planning your move, comparing real estate in Mesa, AZ and New Orleans, LA reveals crucial differences that could impact your decision. Examining housing aspects such as cost, architecture, and liveability is key to finding your ideal home in these vibrant cities.

Moving from Mesa's expansive ranch-style homes to New Orleans' historical Creole townhouses marks a significant shift in living environment. In New Orleans, you'll find a higher walkability and bikeability rating, indicative of an urban lifestyle rich in culture and convenience. This is reflected in the city's real estate listings, which often highlight the historical charm of homes, a stark contrast to Mesa’s emphasis on spacious backyards perfect for outdoor living. Navigating through these differences will help you find a home that suits not just your budget but your way of life in New Orleans.

Pet-friendly neighborhoods background image

Pet-friendly Neighborhoods in New Orleans, LA

1. Marigny: Known for its bohemian vibe, Marigny offers numerous pet-friendly cafes and bars, along with the crescent park where you and your pet can enjoy the Mississippi River views together.

2. Garden District: This area boasts wide streets, garden paths, and the dog-friendly Lafayette Square, perfect for afternoon walks with your furry friend.

3. Mid-City: With its access to the expansive City Park, which includes an off-leash dog park, Mid-City is a dream for pet owners looking for plenty of green space and outdoor activities.

Weather Considerations for Moving from Mesa to New Orleans

When planning a move from Mesa, AZ to New Orleans, LA, it's essential to consider how the climate will change. This comparison will help you understand what to expect and how to prepare for the weather differences between Mesa and New Orleans . By knowing this, you can better plan your wardrobe, activities, and even health precautions for your new environment.

Summer icon
104°F / 77°F

Mesa, AZ

91°F / 75°F

New Orleans, LA

Average Summer High/Low (°F)

Winter icon
67°F / 46°F

Mesa, AZ

62°F / 46°F

New Orleans, LA

Average Winter High/Low (°F)

Rainfall icon

Mesa, AZ


New Orleans, LA

Annual Rainfall (Inches)

Snowfall icon

Mesa, AZ


New Orleans, LA

Annual Snowfall (Inches)

Transitioning from the arid climate of Mesa to the humid subtropical environment of New Orleans will require some adjustments. In Mesa, you're used to extremely hot summers and very light rainfall, making it much drier than New Orleans, where humidity and rain are much more common. This shift means you might need to rethink your daily attire and possibly invest in humidity-friendly clothing. Furthermore, the significant difference in annual rainfall could impact your outdoor activities and any plans you have for gardening. Additionally, being aware of the natural disaster risks in New Orleans, such as hurricanes and floods, is crucial for preparing and protecting your home. Understanding these key differences will help make your transition smoother.

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Money, Economy, and Job Market Considerations for Moving from Mesa to New Orleans

When embarking on a relocation journey, it's crucial to weigh the financial implications of your move. This comparison aims to shed light on the differences in cost of living and financial landscapes between Mesa, AZ, and New Orleans, LA , ensuring you make an informed decision tailored to your fiscal comfort.

Relocating from Mesa to New Orleans presents distinct financial adjustments. Mesa boasts a higher average household income and a slightly higher cost of living index, reflecting its economic stability. However, New Orleans, with its rich cultural tapestry, offers a slightly lower cost of living. The sales tax in New Orleans is higher, which could impact your day-to-day expenses. Despite these differences, both cities are driven by unique industries — Mesa by healthcare and aerospace, and New Orleans by tourism and port operations, creating diverse job opportunities. Additionally, understanding the poverty and homelessness rates can provide insights into the social challenges each city faces.

Political & Religious Comparison between Mesa, AZ and New Orleans, LA

Considering a move from Mesa, AZ to New Orleans, LA? Understanding the local vibes is key, especially when it comes to the political and religious makeup of the residents between Mesa & New Orleans . Here’s a quick look at how these two cities compare, offering you a glimpse into their unique cultures.

MesaNew Orleans

Political Make-up

Leans RepublicanStrongly Democratic

Local Politics

Conservative PoliciesLiberal Policies


Largely MormonDiverse, with a strong Catholic presence

If you’re moving from Mesa to New Orleans, you’re transitioning from a city with a Republican-leaning population to one that's strongly Democratic. This shift represents not just a change in political party preference but also indicates a broader difference in local culture and policies. While Mesa’s political landscape is marked by conservative values, New Orleans is known for its liberal stance on many issues. Religion plays a significant role in both cities; however, the religious landscape is quite diverse. Mesa has a large Mormon community, reflecting in its social values and community activities, whereas New Orleans’ cultural fabric is deeply woven with Catholic traditions, evident in its many churches and annual celebrations like Mardi Gras. This comparison highlights the rich diversity and cultural differences you'll experience in your new home.

Traffic and Public Transit Considerations for Moving from Mesa to New Orleans

Moving from one city to another brings a multitude of changes, especially when it comes to your daily commute. This guide provides a comparison of the traffic and transportation options between Mesa, AZ, and New Orleans, LA, to help you better understand what your daily commute and traffic experience might be like in your new home.

MesaNew Orleans

Avg Commute Time (in minutes)


Traffic Congestion (out of 10)


Availability of Public Transit (out of 10)

ChallengingModerately Easy

Can you get by without car?

In Mesa, AZ, the average commute time is slightly longer, and while traffic congestion is less of an issue, public transportation options are somewhat limited, making it challenging to get by without a car. In contrast, New Orleans, LA, offers better public transit availability, including buses and the famous streetcars, which makes it easier to get around without a personal vehicle. Despite slightly higher traffic congestion levels, New Orleans provides a more accommodating environment for those seeking to rely less on personal vehicles for their daily commute. This makes it essential for new residents of New Orleans to familiarize themselves with the local public transit routes and schedules.

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