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Georgia to Alabama Moving Guide Unlike Any You've Ever Read

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Moving from Georgia to Alabama marks an exciting chapter in your life, filled with new adventures and opportunities. While you're leaving behind Georgia's lush Peach State charm for Alabama's rich history and the warmth of the Heart of Dixie, transitioning smoothly is essential for a fresh start. That's why it’s crucial to choose trusted and reliable professional movers for this journey—our unbiased ranking algorithm at Great Guys Moving ensures you'll find the best team to make your interstate move as seamless and stress-free as possible.

6 Best Movers for Moving from Georgia to Alabama


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Waleska, GA
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Marietta, GA
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Canton, GA
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Birmingham, AL
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Huntsville, AL
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Macon, GA
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Pros and Cons of Moving from Georgia to Alabama

Moving can be a monumental period in anyone’s life, filled with a mix of emotions and logistics. This comparison is crafted to provide an honest reflection of the good and the bad attributes of relocating from Georgia to Alabama , helping you to weigh your options carefully. By understanding both the pros and the cons, you can make an informed decision about your next big move.

Georgia iconGeorgia
  • Higher taxes
  • Traffic congestion
  • Higher cost of living
  • Fewer natural parks
Alabama iconAlabama
  • Lower taxes
  • Less traffic
  • Lower cost of living
  • More natural beauty
Alabama iconAlabama
  • Quieter cities
  • Smaller historical sites
  • Less culinary variety
  • Fewer job options
Georgia iconGeorgia
  • Vibrant city life
  • Rich history
  • Diverse dining
  • Better job opportunities

When you consider moving from Georgia to Alabama, you're looking at a change in lifestyle. Georgia, especially areas like Atlanta, is known for its vibrant city life and a wide variety of dining options, from upscale restaurants like The Varsity to popular eateries such as Antico Pizza. However, Alabama offers its own set of advantages, like the less congested, more scenic living in cities such as Huntsville, which is surrounded by natural beauty like the Huntsville Botanical Garden and the Monte Sano State Park. While you might find fewer major historical sites and big-city hustle, Alabama provides a more affordable lifestyle with its lower cost of living and taxes, coupled with the charm of smaller cities and community-focused living.

Food Scene Guide When Moving from Georgia to Alabama

Food is an integral part of the local culture and gives us a glimpse into what living in an area might be like. Today, we're examining the local cuisine between Georgia & Alabama, providing insights to help you make a more informed decision about the food scene in your new home.


Most iconic local food item

Peach cobblerBarbecue ribs

Most popular meat dish

Fried chickenPulled pork

Most popular street food item

Boiled peanutsShrimp po'boy

Most popular vegan food

Cauliflower wingsBlack-eyed pea hummus

Top 3 iconic restaurants that summarize the state

  • The Varsity
  • Southern Kitchen & Bar
  • Mary Mac's Tea Room
  • Saw’s BBQ
  • Highland's Bar and Grill
  • The Bright Star

Fitness/Health Conscientiousness


Abundance of Food Trucks


Foodie Scene


Vegan Friendly


In Georgia, the Peach State, you're never far from a dish that feels like home, whether it's the classic Southern comfort of fried chicken or the sweet delight of peach cobbler. Atlanta, in particular, boasts a vibrant street food scene with boiled peanuts readily available at events and roadside stands. Moving to Alabama, the love for barbecue is palpable, especially the slow-cooked, fall-off-the-bone ribs that have put the state on the map. In cities like Birmingham, the food truck scene flourishes, offering everything from traditional Southern fare to more novel and vegan-friendly options like black-eyed pea hummus. Both states have iconic establishments that are a must-visit for any food enthusiast, such as The Varsity in Georgia and Saw’s BBQ in Alabama, ensuring your culinary experiences will be as rich and diverse as the culture of the South itself.

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Real Estate Facts to Know Before Moving from Georgia to Alabama

Real estate significantly impacts the moving experience, making it essential to understand how Georgia and Alabama compare in terms of housing options, costs, and lifestyle. This comparison aims to provide you with a clear picture of what to expect in each state.

When comparing housing in Georgia and Alabama, the most striking difference is in the median home prices and monthly rents, with Georgia being significantly more expensive. However, Georgia's higher cost comes with a somewhat more urban lifestyle and slightly better walkability and bikeability scores, reflecting its more populous cities like Atlanta. Alabama, on the other hand, offers a more affordable living with emphasis on spacious outdoor features in homes, like larger yards, which is appealing for those prioritizing space and natural surroundings. Each state offers unique architectural styles, but both favor craftsmanship, whether it's the colonial and craftsman homes prevalent in Georgia or the craftsman and ranch styles in Alabama.

Weather Considerations for Moving from Georgia to Alabama

When planning a move from Georgia to Alabama, understanding the weather differences is crucial. This comparison will help you adjust from what you're used to in Georgia. Weather variations between Georgia and Alabama are essential in planning your relocation for a smooth transition. Let's explore how these states compare in terms of climate.

Summer icon




Average Summer High/Low (°F)

Winter icon




Average Winter High/Low (°F)

Rainfall icon




Annual Rainfall (Inches)

Snowfall icon




Annual Snowfall (Inches)

In comparing weather patterns between Georgia and Alabama, it's noticeable that Alabama has slightly higher averages for summer temperatures and humidity, which could affect outdoor activities and overall comfort. Alabama also experiences a marginally higher annual rainfall, which is essential for anyone interested in gardening or agriculture. On the flip side, both states share similar sunshine days and air quality levels, making the transition less drastic in these aspects. Knowing these differences can help you better prepare for your move and adjust your lifestyle accordingly in Alabama.

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Money, Economy, and Job Market Considerations for Moving from Georgia to Alabama

When considering a move from one state to another, it's crucial to compare the financial landscapes of your current and future homes. This comparison will help you anticipate changes in your cost of living and overall financial health. Understanding the differences in money and finance between Georgia and Alabama is key to a smooth transition.

While Georgia presents a slightly higher average household income and cost of living index, Alabama offers a more affordable living in terms of property taxes and overall cost of living index, indicating a favorable condition for home buyers. However, the higher sales tax in Alabama could offset some of those savings. The top industries in each state reflect the diversity of economic opportunities, with Georgia focusing on agriculture, film, and energy, while Alabama excels in aerospace, automotive, and agriculture. This diversity might influence your job search or business opportunities in your new state. Understanding these financial nuances ensures a smoother transition and helps set realistic expectations for your move.

Political & Religious Comparison between Georgia and Alabama

This comparison of the politics between Georgia & Alabama aims to provide a quick glimpse into the political and religious landscape of both states, offering you an idea of what to expect when moving from one to the other.


Political Make-up

Mix of Democratic and RepublicanStrongly Republican

Local Politics

Varies widely by city and countyConservative, with local variations


Primarily Protestant, diverse religious communitiesPrimarily Protestant, with a similar level of religious diversity

In both Georgia and Alabama, the political and religious landscapes are deeply intertwined with local culture, affecting social interactions and community events. Georgia's political scene is more mixed, with urban areas like Atlanta often leaning Democratic, while rural areas tend to be more Republican. This contrast can mean a variety of viewpoints and discussions in social settings. Alabama's political makeup is predominantly Republican, creating a more homogenized political atmosphere. On the religious front, both states have a strong Protestant presence, but they also host vibrant communities of various faiths, offering diverse cultural experiences. This rich tapestry of political and religious life influences local customs, holidays, and everyday interactions, giving each state its unique character.

Education Guide When Moving from Georgia to Alabama

Moving between states can be a big decision, especially when considering educational opportunities for your family. To help you make an informed choice, we've compared schools and education in Georgia and Alabama. This comparison aims to give you a better understanding of what the comparisons are between school options in Georgia and Alabama, highlighting notable educational institutions and districts in both states.


Where most Seniors go to college (top 3)

University of Georgia
Georgia State University
Georgia Institute of Technology
University of Alabama
Auburn University
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Top 3 Elementary Schools

Brandon Elementary (Atlanta)
Morningside Elementary (Atlanta)
Britt David Elementary (Columbus)
Mountain Brook Elementary (Mountain Brook)
Vestavia Hills Elementary West (Vestavia Hills)
Madison Elementary (Madison)

Top 3 Middle Schools

Davidson Magnet School (Augusta)
Dodgen Middle School (Marietta)
Riverwatch Middle School (Suwanee)
Mountain Brook Junior High (Mountain Brook)
Discovery Middle School (Madison)
Simmons Middle School (Hoover)

Top 3 High Schools

Northview High School (Johns Creek)
Walton High School (Marietta)
Columbus High School (Columbus)
Mountain Brook High School (Mountain Brook)
Loveless Academic Magnet Program High School (Montgomery)
Bob Jones High School (Madison)

Top 3 private high schools

The Westminster Schools (Atlanta)
Pace Academy (Atlanta)
The Lovett School (Atlanta)
The Altamont School (Birmingham)
Indian Springs School (Indian Springs Village)
Randolph School (Huntsville)

Top 3 private K-12 schools

The Westminster Schools (Atlanta)
Pace Academy (Atlanta)
The Walker School (Marietta)
Indian Springs School (Indian Springs Village)
Randolph School (Huntsville)
The Altamont School (Birmingham)

Top 3 School Districts

Forsyth County Schools
Buford City Schools
Decatur City Schools
Mountain Brook City Schools
Homewood City Schools
Vestavia Hills City Schools

When considering education for your family, it's crucial to look beyond the school ratings to the unique opportunities available in each state. For example, Georgia's school districts like Forsyth County and Buford City are known for strong STEM programs and community involvement. On the other hand, Alabama's Mountain Brook and Vestavia Hills City Schools stand out for their liberal arts curricula and student support services. Whether you value a rigorous academic challenge for your high schooler or a nurturing environment for your elementary-aged child, both Georgia and Alabama offer reputable institutions. Moreover, the presence of top-tier universities in both states suggests a thriving educational ecosystem that can support students from K-12 through higher education.

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