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Montana to Texas Moving Guide Unlike Any You've Ever Read

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Moving from the Treasure State to the Lone Star State heralds an exciting adventure and a significant life change. You're trading the sprawling, scenic vistas and the tranquil lifestyle of Montana for Texas, where vibrant cities, robust flavors, and a dynamic culture await. To ensure this long journey is smooth and stress-free, it's crucial to enlist trusted and reliable professional movers. At Great Guys Moving, we leverage an unbiased ranking algorithm to identify the best movers for you, ensuring your transition is as seamless as the Montana plains to the Texas skyline.

6 Best Movers for Moving from Montana to Texas

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Dallas, TX
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New Braunfels, TX
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Deer Lodge, MT
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About Moving On Up

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Bozeman, MT
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Marion, MT
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Billings, MT
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About Two Men and a Truck

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Pros and Cons of Moving from Montana to Texas

Moving from one state to another is a significant life event that requires careful consideration of both the challenges and opportunities that come with it. This comparison aims to provide an honest reflection of the good and the bad attributes of relocating from Montana to Texas. It is designed to help you weigh the pros and cons, making your transition as informed as possible.

Montana iconMontana
  • Colder winters
  • Less urban
  • Smaller population
  • Fewer job opportunities
Texas iconTexas
  • Milder winters
  • More urban areas
  • Larger population
  • More job opportunities
Texas iconTexas
  • Busier lifestyle
  • Less green space
  • More crowded
  • Hot summers
Montana iconMontana
  • Quieter life
  • Stunning nature
  • Tight-knit communities
  • Outdoor activities

Moving from Montana, known for its tranquil lifestyle and natural beauty, to Texas, a state famous for its dynamic economy and diverse urban centers, presents a mix of changes. In Texas, cities like Austin and Houston offer a bustling culinary and arts scene, with renowned venues like Toyota Center in Houston and Zilker Park in Austin, providing endless entertainment and recreational activities. Although Texas has hotter summers, places like Palo Duro Canyon State Park showcase the state’s stunning natural beauty and offer outdoor escapes not so different from Montana’s landscapes. This significant shift in lifestyle and environment, from Montana’s quieter, community-focused life to Texas’s vibrant and populous cities, presents a new array of opportunities and challenges.

Food Scene Guide When Moving from Montana to Texas

Understanding the local cuisine is a crucial part of getting to know a new area, as food is an integral element of local culture and lifestyle. In this comparison, we'll take a closer look at what culinary delights await you, making the transition from Montana to Texas smoother by letting you know exactly what to expect on your plate.


Most iconic local food item

Huckleberry PieBrisket

Most popular meat dish

Bison BurgerTex-Mex Fajitas

Most popular street food item

Elk SausageTacos

Most popular vegan food

Quinoa SaladVegan Tex-Mex

Top 3 iconic restaurants that summarize the state

    1. The Burger Dive
    2. Montana Ale Works
    3. The Pearl Cafe
    1. Franklin Barbecue
    2. Mi Tierra Café y Panadería
    3. Uchi

Fitness/Health Conscientiousness


Abundance of Food Trucks


Foodie Scene


Vegan Friendly


While Montana prides itself on the rustic charm of huckleberry pie and bison burgers, indicative of its deep connection with the wilderness, Texas offers a vibrant blend of cultures through its iconic brisket and Tex-Mex cuisine. In Texas, specifically in cities like Austin and Houston, the food truck scene and vegan options are notably diverse, offering something for everyone. Austin, in particular, is a must-visit for food lovers, hosting an array of food trucks and vegan eateries that highlight the state's innovative and inclusive culinary scene. Whether it's enjoying world-renowned brisket at Franklin Barbecue or exploring vegan Tex-Mex innovations, moving to Texas promises an exciting and flavorful journey.

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Real Estate Facts to Know Before Moving from Montana to Texas

When planning a move, understanding the real estate landscape is crucial. This comparison aims to illuminate the differences and similarities in housing between Montana and Texas , covering price, style, and lifestyle metrics. Knowing these differences can greatly assist in making an informed decision about your relocation.

While Montana's housing market highlights rustic and mountain-style homes that capitalize on privacy and scenic views, Texas offers a diverse architectural landscape, leaning more towards modern and Spanish influences with a strong focus on community amenities and energy efficiency. Texas also edges out in terms of urban lifestyle, presenting a slightly higher walkability and bikeability score, which reflects its more urbanized environment. This urbanization may appeal to those looking for a vibrant city life, whereas Montana's allure lies in its tranquil, spacious, and nature-centric living.

Weather Considerations for Moving from Montana to Texas

When considering a move from Montana to Texas, it's essential to grasp how the weather compares and impacts your lifestyle. This comparison will help you understand what to expect and how to prepare for the climate differences between Montana and Texas.

Summer icon
80°F / 45°F


94°F / 73°F


Average Summer High/Low (°F)

Winter icon
35°F / 17°F


60°F / 38°F


Average Winter High/Low (°F)

Rainfall icon




Annual Rainfall (Inches)

Snowfall icon




Annual Snowfall (Inches)

Moving from Montana to Texas, you'll find significantly warmer summers and milder winters awaiting you. In Texas, the higher average temperatures coupled with increased humidity levels might require an adjustment period, especially in the sweltering summer months. Texas also enjoys more sunny days annually, which is perfect for outdoor activities but means a higher UV index and the need for sun protection. Understanding these adjustments will help you comfortably transition to your new environment.

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Money, Economy, and Job Market Considerations for Moving from Montana to Texas

When considering a move from one region to another, it's vital to grasp the financial implications of your decision. This chart aims to illuminate the differences in money and finance between Montana and Texas, helping you to understand how the cost of living, taxes, and incomes compare to what you're accustomed to.

Comparing the financial landscapes of Montana and Texas, the notable absence of a state income tax in Texas stands out, potentially offering you more disposable income. However, this advantage may be offset by Texas' higher property tax rate. Interestingly, despite a slightly higher average household income in Texas, the state faces greater challenges with poverty and homelessness compared to Montana. These financial nuances illustrate the importance of considering more than just income when evaluating the cost of living and quality of life in a new state.

Political & Religious Comparison between Montana and Texas

Whether you're planning to move from Montana to Texas, understanding the comparison of the politics between Montana & Texas , as well as the religious makeup, offers a quick snapshot of cultural expectations. This will help you understand the communities you're moving into, ensuring a smoother transition.


Political Make-up

Leans RepublicanTraditionally Republican, with increasing Democratic presence in urban areas

Local Politics

Grassroots movements impactfulDiverse political landscape across cities and rural areas


Christianity predominant, with a mix of Protestant and Catholic communitiesChristianity predominant, notably Evangelical Protestant, followed by Catholic and Non-religious groups

Montana and Texas share a conservative political lean but differ in the complexity of their local politics and religious composition. While Montana's political scene may feel more straightforward with its grassroots movements, Texas presents a mosaic of political sentiments, reflected vividly in the contrasts between its urban and rural areas. In religious terms, both states have strong Christian communities, but Texas has a notably large Evangelical Protestant population alongside significant Catholic and non-religious groups. Understanding these differences can help you navigate your new environment more effectively and integrate into the community with greater ease.

Education Guide When Moving from Montana to Texas

Moving between states is a big decision, especially when it comes to the education of your children. This comparison aims to better understand what the comparisons are between school options in Montana and Texas . It will provide you with a comprehensive overview, helping you make an informed decision about your family's educational future.


Where most Seniors go to college (top 3)

University of Montana
Montana State University
Carroll College
University of Texas at Austin
Texas A&M University
University of Houston

Top 3 Elementary Schools

Chief Joseph Elementary (Bozeman)
Hawthorne Elementary (Bozeman)
Cold Springs Elementary (Missoula)
Carroll Elementary School (Southlake)
McCoy Elementary School (Carrollton)
Cedar Creek Elementary (Austin)

Top 3 Middle Schools

Sacajawea Middle School (Bozeman)
Washington Middle School (Missoula)
Lewis & Clark Middle School (Billings)
West Ridge Middle School (Austin)
Coppell Middle School East (Coppell)
Fort Settlement Middle School (Sugar Land)

Top 3 High Schools

Bozeman High School (Bozeman)
Hellgate High School (Missoula)
Billings West High School (Billings)
Westlake High School (Austin)
School for the Talented and Gifted (Dallas)
Carroll Senior High School (Southlake)

Top 3 private high schools

Missoula International School (Missoula)
Billings Central Catholic High School (Billings)
Great Falls Central Catholic High School (Great Falls)
St. Mark's School of Texas (Dallas)
The Hockaday School (Dallas)
St. Stephen's Episcopal School (Austin)

Top 3 private K-12 schools

Petra Academy (Bozeman)
Missoula International School (Missoula)
Valley Christian School (Missoula)
The Awty International School (Houston)
Greenhill School (Dallas)
The John Cooper School (The Woodlands)

Top 3 School Districts

Bozeman Public Schools
Billings Public Schools
Missoula County Public Schools
Eanes ISD (Austin)
Carroll ISD (Southlake)
Coppell ISD (Coppell)

When evaluating the educational landscapes of Montana and Texas, notable distinctions emerge, particularly in the arena of higher education and specialized schools. Texas boasts a large array of prestigious universities attended by seniors statewide, including nationally recognized options like the University of Texas at Austin. Similarly, Texas's private schools such as St. Mark's School of Texas in Dallas offer a renowned educational experience, marked by a plethora of resources and extracurricular opportunities not as prevalent in Montana's education system. Additionally, Texas's Eanes ISD in Austin is rated among the best school districts in the nation, highlighting the state's commitment to academic excellence and providing a supportive environment for students to excel. This detailed examination underscores the rich educational opportunities present in Texas, offering families moving from Montana a broad spectrum of choices to suit various needs and aspirations.

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