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Texas to Kansas Moving Guide Unlike Any You've Ever Read

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Moving from the Lone Star State to the Sunflower State is an adventure filled with new beginnings and exciting opportunities. You're leaving behind Texas' vast landscapes and vibrant cities for Kansas' rolling prairies and welcoming communities. It's crucial to ensure this transition is smooth by hiring trusted and reliable professional movers. With Great Guys Moving, you have access to the best movers in the country, selected through an unbiased ranking algorithm, so you know you're getting top-tier service for your long-distance move.

6 Best Movers for Moving from Texas to Kansas

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Dallas, TX
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New Braunfels, TX
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Plano, TX
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Dallas, TX
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Wichita, KS
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Parsons, KS
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Pros and Cons of Moving from Texas to Kansas

Moving from one state to another is a significant decision that involves weighing various factors to ensure it's the right move for you. This guide aims to provide a balanced comparison by highlighting the pros and cons of relocating from Texas to Kansas, allowing you to consider all aspects of such a transition. Here, we aim to offer an honest reflection of the advantages and disadvantages of making this move.

Texas iconTexas
  • Hot summers
  • Higher property tax
  • Large state, long travels
  • Intense urban sprawl
Kansas iconKansas
  • Milder summers
  • Lower property tax
  • Smaller state, shorter trips
  • More rural charm
Kansas iconKansas
  • Smaller economy
  • Less diversity in food
  • Quieter nightlife
  • No beaches
Texas iconTexas
  • Robust economy
  • Diverse cuisine
  • Vibrant city life
  • Beaches

While Texas is known for its robust economy, diverse cuisine, and vibrant city life, moving to Kansas offers a different set of advantages. In Kansas, you'll benefit from milder summers, making outdoor activities like visiting the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library's Gage Park more enjoyable. The state also boasts lower property taxes compared to Texas, offering financial relief for homeowners. Although Kansas lacks the extensive beaches and the same level of urban sprawl, it prides itself on a more laid-back lifestyle with picturesque rural charm and shorter commutes between cities. You might find yourself spending weekends exploring unique local attractions like the Wichita Botanica Gardens or dining at renowned eateries like Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que, embracing the quieter, but equally fulfilling quality of life that Kansas has to offer.

Food Scene Guide When Moving from Texas to Kansas

Food plays a pivotal role in the essence of local culture, shaping your everyday life experience. In making your move seamless, understanding the culinary landscape is crucial. Here, we delve into a comparison of the local cuisine between Texas & Kansas to arm you with insights about where you're relocating.


Most iconic local food item

Tex-MexBBQ Brisket

Most popular meat dish

BrisketSmoked Sausage

Most popular street food item

TacosBBQ Sandwich

Most popular vegan food

Vegan Tex-MexVegan BBQ

Top 3 iconic restaurants that summarize the state

  • Franklin Barbecue
  • The Modern
  • The Big Texan Steak Ranch

Fitness/Health Conscientiousness


Abundance of Food Trucks


Foodie Scene


Vegan Friendly


In Texas, you'll discover a vibrant food scene revered for its Tex-Mex and barbecue, with cities like Austin known for an abundance of food trucks and an impressive vegan scene. Franklin Barbecue in Austin is a must-visit for anyone craving carefully smoked meats. Moving north to Kansas, the barbecue tradition continues with a unique twist, epitomized by places like Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que. Here, the food scene is slightly less dominated by food trucks but maintains a solid dedication to both fitness and vegan options. Both states offer a variety of flavors that cater to diverse palates and dietary preferences, making them exciting places for food lovers looking to explore new culinary landscapes.

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Real Estate Facts to Know Before Moving from Texas to Kansas

Real estate significantly impacts your moving decision. Understanding how Texas and Kansas compare in housing aspects such as cost, architecture, and lifestyle is crucial. This comparison aims to give you a clearer picture of what to expect in each state.

When considering a move from Texas to Kansas, you'll find differences in housing that could influence your decision. The more affordable median home prices and lower monthly rent in Kansas could be appealing for those looking to save. Kansas's emphasis on prairie and bungalow-style homes offers a distinct architectural appeal, different from the modern and ranch styles prevalent in Texas. Moreover, Kansas slightly edges out Texas in terms of walkability and bikeability, which might be significant if you prefer getting around without a car. Consider these aspects carefully as they can substantially impact your lifestyle and budget in your new home state.

Weather Considerations for Moving from Texas to Kansas

When planning a move from Texas to Kansas, understanding the climatic changes you'll encounter is crucial. This guide aims to compare the weather conditions between Texas and Kansas to help you adjust to your new environment. By familiarizing yourself with the differences, you can make a smoother transition.

Summer icon




Average Summer High/Low (°F)

Winter icon




Average Winter High/Low (°F)

Rainfall icon




Annual Rainfall (Inches)

Snowfall icon




Annual Snowfall (Inches)

Moving from Texas to Kansas, you'll notice a change in seasonal extremes. While both states enjoy a significant amount of sunshine annually, Kansas experiences colder winters with more snowfall, averaging 19 inches compared to Texas's mere 1 inch. This is especially important if you're not used to driving in snowy conditions. Additionally, the risk of encountering tornadoes is present in both states, but Kansas, being in the heart of Tornado Alley, may experience them more frequently. The moderate difference in annual rainfall won't be as impacting, but understanding these weather patterns will help you plan for your new life in Kansas more effectively.

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Money, Economy, and Job Market Considerations for Moving from Texas to Kansas

When planning a move from Texas to Kansas, it's crucial to grasp how your finances might shift. This comparison will highlight key economic differences to prepare you for what's ahead. Comparing financial aspects such as costs and taxes will clarify how living in Texas contrasts with life in Kansas.

When comparing Texas and Kansas, the lack of state income tax in Texas is a major financial benefit, especially for higher earners. However, Texas has a slightly higher average property tax rate compared to Kansas, which could affect your decision depending on your homeownership status. The cost of living is nearly identical in both states, with Kansas being marginally higher. This tends to balance out with Kansas' slightly higher average household income. It's also noteworthy that both states support strong industries but differ in their leading sectors, which might influence job opportunities depending on your profession.

Political & Religious Comparison between Texas and Kansas

If you're considering a move from Texas to Kansas, it's insightful to know who your neighbors will be. This quick comparison gives you a glance at the political and religious makeup of residents between Texas & Kansas, shedding light on how your new community might align with your values and beliefs.


Political Make-up

Mixed, with a leaning towards conservativeConservative, with some liberal urban areas

Local Politics

Diverse, larger cities often lean liberalLocal politics can vary, with a general conservative lean


Christianity dominates, with a large Evangelical presencePredominantly Christian, with a mix of Mainline Protestant and Evangelical

Political leanings in both Texas and Kansas have nuances; while Texas presents a diverse political landscape where large cities like Houston and Austin often swing liberal, the state overall leans conservative. Kansas, on the other hand, maintains a conservative stance, though places like Lawrence showcase a more liberal outlook. Religion plays a substantial role in both states, with a strong Christian influence shaping community and cultural events. Understanding these aspects can help you better integrate into your new community, respecting and engaging with the local customs and political conversations.

Education Guide When Moving from Texas to Kansas

Moving from Texas to Kansas presents a unique opportunity to compare educational systems and make informed decisions for your family. Specifically, comparing schools and education allows you to better understand what the comparisons are between school options in Texas and Kansas . This guide aims to provide clarity and assist in making the best choice for your educational needs.


Where most Seniors go to college (top 3)

University of Texas at Austin
Texas A&M University
University of Houston
University of Kansas
Kansas State University
Wichita State University

Top 3 Elementary Schools

Carroll Elementary - Southlake
Canyon Creek Elementary - Richardson
West University Elementary - Houston
Briarwood Elementary - Overland Park
Corinth Elementary - Prairie Village
Meadowbrook Elementary - Prairie Village

Top 3 Middle Schools

West Ridge Middle School - Austin
Canyon Vista Middle School - Austin
Fort Settlement Middle School - Sugar Land
Prairie Star Middle School - Leawood
Indian Hills Middle School - Prairie Village
Lakewood Middle School - Overland Park

Top 3 High School Schools

Liberal Arts and Science Academy - Austin
School for the Talented and Gifted - Dallas
Westlake High School - Austin
Blue Valley North High School - Overland Park
Shawnee Mission East High School - Prairie Village
Blue Valley Northwest High School - Overland Park

Top 3 private high schools

St. Mark's School of Texas - Dallas
The Hockaday School - Dallas
Episcopal School of Dallas - Dallas
The Pembroke Hill School - Kansas City
The Independent School - Wichita
Bishop Seabury Academy - Lawrence

Top 3 private K-12 schools

The Kinkaid School - Houston
Greenhill School - Addison
Trinity Valley School - Fort Worth
The Pembroke Hill School - Kansas City
Wichita Collegiate School - Wichita
Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy - Overland Park

Top 3 School Districts

Eanes Independent School District - Austin
Carroll Independent School District - Southlake
Highland Park Independent School District - Dallas
Blue Valley Unified School District - Overland Park
Shawnee Mission School District - Overland Park
De Soto Unified School District - De Soto

Both Texas and Kansas offer robust educational options, but each state has its champions. In Texas, the Eanes, Carroll, and Highland Park Independent School Districts are renowned for their academic excellence and strong community support. However, Kansas counters with equally impressive options, such as the Blue Valley and Shawnee Mission School Districts, known for their innovative educational programs and high student performance. Meanwhile, the top colleges attended by seniors in each state reflect regional preferences but both show a strong inclination towards state universities. Furthermore, Texas’s renowned private institutions like St. Mark's School of Texas and The Hockaday School offer rigorous academic programs, paralleled by Kansas’s Pembroke Hill School and The Independent School, providing varied options for families prioritizing private education.

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